6 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Skin Clear This Summer

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Unofficial summer goal: spend as many hours as we can outdoors. At pools. On beaches. At barbecues. And festivals. Need we say more? Well, there is that one downside of sun and fun--what it does to our skin. Here, some helpful advice for keeping a clear complexion through it all.

The 10 Best Sweat-Proof Beauty Products for Summer

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Get Your Sweat On

Sweating actually helps to flush out clogged pores. The key is to make sure you wipe off your skin as soon as possible so it doesn't dry up and re-clog them. Hop in the shower right after you've finished working out (or walking from your car to your front door). And if you don't have time to shower, swipe a makeup wipe over sweaty spots in the interim.

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But Don't Over-wash Your Face

It's hard to resist washing your face repeatedly in this heat, but overdoing it can actually dry out the skin and cause it to produce even more oil. And more oil leads to more acne. Stick to washing no more than twice a day, and if you really feel gross and sticky, splash some cold water on your face sans cleanser.

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Be Sure To Switch Up Your Seasonal Products

Just as you change your wardrobe with the seasons, you should be doing the same with your skin-care products. Those thicker creams that you can't live without during the colder months are too heavy in the heat. Opt for gel-based moisturizers and noncomedogenic sunscreens that get the job done without congesting your skin. Also, try incorporating an at-home peel into your regimen to help clear pores, prevent blemishes and fade discoloration from too many hours in the sun.

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Load Up On Antioxidants

Ah, city living. That sticky feeling you get after walking outside is more than just sweat. It's dirt, yes, and pollutants, too--both of which can lead to clogged pores, but also cause free radical damage. To protect against this, layer on an antioxidant serum underneath your sunscreen each morning. In addition to offering long-term protection, it also makes your skin brighter and more even-toned.

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Ease Up On Shellfish

Listen, we love a good lobster roll just as much as the next gal. But it turns out those delicious shellfish are loaded with iodine, which builds up in your body and can causes breakouts for some people--particularly those who already have acne or are prone to breaking out. Scale back to eating it no more than once a week or sub in some good-for-skin seafood like salmon instead.

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And Eat More Lemons And Berries

Certain foods, like lemons and berries, can aid the liver (our main detoxifying organ) and help fight inflammation in the body and skin. To ensure that you get both into your daily diet, squeeze some citrus into your water and toss a handful of berries into your yogurt or smoothie.

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