Here's a Better Way to Keep Makeup Wipes Moist

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Makeup wipes are a godsend for those nights when you’re two seconds away from passing out (but know better than to fall sleep with a full face on). Wipes work wonders at taking off every last trace of foundation and eyeliner. That is, unless they’ve dried out and feel more like scratchy torture devices than gentle removers. Here, a really easy way to keep makeup wipes moist and fresh everytime.

1. Wipe:

Gently rub your makeup off with a wipe (or two) as you normally would.

2. Seal And Flip:

Seal the package back up and place it on your countertop face down.

3. Repeat:

Repeat after every use for moist makeup wipes.

Why It Works:

Not only will this keep the flap from peeling up (which lets air in and dries out the wipes) but good ol’ gravity will also distribute the cleanser evenly throughout the package. Now, every time you grab a new wipe, it’s guaranteed to be soaked with remover. (Psst…same goes for baby wipes.)

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