We love watching crazy nail art videos on Instagram as much as the next girl, but in real life we prefer designs with a bit more versatility. (You can only rock a full-blown Picasso on your nails to so many occasions.) Here, 11 totally grown-up nail art designs you can wear every day.

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1 grown up nail art sonailicious

Triangular Bases

Upgrade your manicure by downsizing the design.

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Dainty Vines

Skip childish daisies and opt for rich vines and sporadic blooms.

5 grown up nail art nailunistella

Mixed Doodles

Remember when you used to draw aimlessly all over your notebook? This is like a grown-up version of your squiggles.

6 grown up nail art butterlondon

Navy Corners

Dipping the edges of your nails in navy has major impact with minimal color.

7 sally hansen metallic stripes

Silver Stripes

A metallic line across a neutral color adds just the right amount of shine.

2 grown up nail art flowidity106 stars

Cut-Out Stars

Keep it simple with stellar details in black and white.

8 paintbox pastels

Color-blocked Pastels

There’s nothing childish about this pink and purple mod design.

10 grown up nail art essie

Copper Angles

A little Art Deco inspiration for your next night out.

9 torih square line

Subtle Squares

Simple, artsy and Insta-ready.

11 paintbox

Uneven Split

You don’t need to go straight down the middle with two colors. Let them zig and zag where they please.

12 torih reverse french

Reverse French

A classic done upside down is just as chic as the original.

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