This Microwavable Heating Cap Was Exactly What My Low-Porosity Hair Needed

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Glow by Daye deep conditioning heating cap review: A woman wears the cap on the left and shows off her hair on the right
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Maintaining 4C-textured hair that dries out quicker than fabric on a hot day is no easy task. I’ll devote an entire day to washing and carefully conditioning my curls (complete with an electric heating cap), only to find that, within a few days, my hair has already lost most of its moisture. And while my semi-monthly visits to the salon have certainly been helping with this issue, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how uncomfortable it is to sit under a hooded dryer that blows high heat onto my scalp for 25 minutes.

Fortunately, with the help of a leave-in conditioner and plastic caps, my hair continued to hold up. But still, I needed to figure out a more effective way to moisturize my low porosity strands (FYI, this hair type tends to repel moisture, making it more difficult for water to penetrate the shaft). I wanted something simple that I could use with ease. Something that wouldn’t constrain me to the nearest outlet or make me absolutely dread this part of wash day. And thankfully, my solution came in the form of the Glow by Daye deep conditioning heat cap, the one thing that my dry-prone curls needed.

For those who are unfamiliar with the product, this heating cap is a life-saver for anyone who has dry hair but doesn’t enjoy sitting for long periods of time. It’s a cordless, microwavable cap that’s designed to provide gentle heat for up to 30 minutes, whether you’re doing a hot oil treatment or having a deep conditioning session. Suitable for all hair types, these caps provide heat that opens the cuticles and allows hair to better absorb the nutrients from these treatments, leading to stronger and much healthier hair.

Per the brand’s official website, the conditioning heating caps were created with functionality, convenience and comfort in mind. Each cap is made with microfiber cotton and nylon and they all contain flaxseed (or linseed), which can hold and retain heat after multiple uses.

Initially, I was skeptical because it sounded a little too good to be true. A cordless heating cap that can stay warm for an entire 30 minutes? And evenly distribute heat? I had to check this out for myself. And sure enough, it totally exceeded my expectations.

Read on to see how I used the heating cap.

Step 1: Hair Prep

After washing my hair, I typically divide my curls into sections while still damp, apply my deep conditioner treatment and detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb, so there’s less shedding. After I coated the strands, I covered my head with a plastic hair cap to better contain heat.

Step 2: Heat the Cap

Now comes the tricky part. While the directions on the packaging are pretty straightforward, it’s best to use discretion and keep a close eye on your cap when you’re heating it in the microwave, since power settings may vary. According to the brand, the cap should be heated for a total of two minutes, but it has to be flipped over every 30 to 35 seconds in order to be heated evenly. In my case, I flipped the cap every 30 seconds, removed it at the two-minute mark and did a touch test to make sure it wasn’t too hot.

Step 3: Apply the Cap 

You know the excitement that a kid feels when they try a piece of really good candy for the very first time? Well, that was me when I put this heading cap on. Just the thought of conditioning my hair and walking around at the same time excited me. So as soon as I put it on, I did anything but relax. I folded some laundry, made myself a snack and got back up for seconds—just because I could. Meanwhile, my cap managed to stay pretty warm for roughly 15 minutes and the heat was distributed evenly.

Since I typically apply heat for at least 25 to 30 minutes, I decided to reheat the cap for another two minutes, making sure to flip every 30 seconds, then reapplied the cap a second time for an additional ten minutes.


After rinsing the product out and blow-drying my hair, it looked healthier and more vibrant than usual. It also looked full and felt softer to the touch, proving that this heating cap can do much more for my curls than several layers of leave-in conditioner.

It's worth noting that I've only used this product once, so I can't speak to the heating cap's durability. However, the fabric does appear to be strong even though it’s pretty lightweight, so I doubt I’ll experience any issues like bursting or tearing.

Bottom line? Because of this cap, my hair can easily reap the benefits of my deep conditioning treatments while I multitask. Plus, I don’t have to worry about fidgeting in a chair under intense heat every other month. For that, my curls and I are beyond grateful.

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