NaturAll Club’s Castor Oil Is the Only Thing That Finally Helped Me Grow Out My Natural Hair

naturall jamaican black castor oil
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To say that my natural hair journey has been a rollercoaster ride feels like a huge understatement. From excessive blowouts and hot-comb presses to cornrows and headache-inducing weaves, my kinky coils grew quite resilient to everyday torment. But when I started college, I noticed an unusual pattern when it came to my hair growth: My split ends were forming as quickly as my hair was growing. Even worse, my trims were starting to feel more like haircuts because of my thinning ends.

At this rate, I couldn’t even get my tresses to grow past shoulder length. And when I finally did manage to get my hair to grow out after college, I started to experience breakage again.

So, after what felt like my 846th “trim” (this time, I got rid of about two inches), I obsessively googled hair growth products for natural hair and stumbled upon NaturAll Club's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum. After combing through hundreds of customer reviews, I gave it a try and, guys, it’s legit one of the best investments I have ever made.

naturall castor oil growth serum before and after
Nakeisha Campbell

The photo on the left was taken right after my hair was cut in March of 2019, while the pic on the right was taken in April of 2020, after I used the product consistently. I purchased the bundle of three serums ($40) and started using the lavender castor oil right away. I started to notice some growth after just two weeks—that was when I knew I’d found a rare gem.

The serum is made of pure Jamaican black castor oil, which is known to fight inflammation, repair damaged hair follicles and promote hair growth. It also includes jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and essential oils for added moisturizing benefits. The castor oil serum comes in little four-ounce bottles and the scents include lavender, lemon, orange and unscented. I started to use the lavender and quickly learned that a little goes a long way, since the consistency of the serums are quite thick (take it from someone who practically doused her scalp with way too much serum).

As for the smell, it carries a slight earthy scent and smells very strongly of essential oils. However, when I used them, the scents didn’t linger for long because the serum absorbed into my scalp fairly quickly without leaving much residue (definitely a win-win).

So, how exactly have I been using the product in my hair regimen? Three ways, below.

1. To Nourish My Scalp.

At least three times a week and right before bed, I massage a bit of the castor oil serum into my scalp to help stimulate blood flow and encourage growth. Since these bottles have press top dispensing caps, I chose to put my serums into an applicator bottle. That way, there’s less of a mess when I apply it directly to my scalp.

As mentioned before, I typically use a small amount, but if I notice that my scalp looks extra dry, I’ll add a bit more.

2. To Seal In Moisture.

This oil has become one of my staples after every single wash. After cleansing my hair, I deep-condition my tresses with heat for about 20 minutes. Then, I apply leave-in conditioner to my damp hair before sealing it with the growth serum. Regardless of whether I air-dry it or blow it out, the serum always leaves my hair looking shiny and very full.

3. To Protect My Ends.

This is the number one reason why I fell so hard for this hair product. NaturAll Club’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum managed to fix the biggest issue that kept me from retaining length, because now that my ends are so full and healthy, I no longer need to have such dramatic chops.

After every deep-condition, I make sure to coat my ends with this serum when my hair is still damp. And whenever my hair is not in a protective style (which isn’t that often), I detangle my ends once a week and add a bit of leave-in conditioner before applying the serum to seal in the moisture. After doing this for over a year, split ends have become so rare that trimming appointments are now few and far between. And the best part? My trims actually feel like trims now.

Aside from the bundle, you can purchase the NaturAll Club serums for $13 each or get one of them as part of NaturAll Club’s Hydrate Bundle ($34), which includes two deep conditioning Ice Cream Treatments.

Excuse me while I go stock up on more hair growth serums.

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