I Always Get Compliments on My Brows—Here’s Every Product I Use on Them

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When I was 12 years old, I desperately wanted to get my eyebrows waxed. I had been cursed blessed with thick, full brows and wanted nothing more than to have them tamed—but my mom wouldn’t allow it.

Now, ten years later, I’m convinced it was one of the best decisions she ever made for me. I was forced to embrace my prominent brows rather than plucking them to a place of no return to get the pencil-thin ones all of my friends were sporting (RIP to that trend). As a result, I developed a killer brow routine that earns me compliments on the reg.

The most important factor in the routine, in my opinion, is that I’ve never let a professional touch my brows—save for waxing in between them at a facial appointment once. I do all of my own brow upkeep, which means I’m keenly aware of which hairs should be tweezed and which ones should definitely stay. That means no bare spots or post-salon meltdowns for me.

Every few days (my brows grow fast, OK?), I tweeze stray hairs using my e.l.f Slant Tweezers. These babies snag tiny hairs unlike any other pair I’ve tried and cost only $2.

Once I’ve successfully kicked all the crashers out of my eyebrow party (guys, I love you, but you just can’t stay), it’s time for trimming and waxing. Trimming is pretty self-explanatory. Every couple of weeks, I use this spoolie and scissors duo from Tweezerman to brush my brows upwardand trim any hairs that look a little long. This keeps my brows looking clean and sleek, my preferred aesthetic (unlike their unruly natural state). Word to the wise, though? Don’t over-trim. Two words: bald spots.

Then it’s time for waxing (but only once a month or so—I’m not a psycho). I wax in between my brows and under the arches to get any tiny hairs I’m not able to grab with my tweezers. The Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face, Lip Stripless Wax Kit is a total game changer for this portion. It allows you to spread on the wax with precision just like someone would at a salon, and it really works to get those baby hairs. You guys, please be careful, though. If you accidentally smooth the wax over hairs you actually want to keep, there’s no coming back from that. I’m speaking from personal experience here. The key is to go easy with the wax. You can always tweeze an extra hair or two, but you won’t get those hairs back for a while if you accidentally overdo it.

OK, yes, that sounds like a lot, but it really doesn’t feel that way considering I can do it whenever I have a free moment at home rather than shlepping to the salon. And thanks to all the prep, it means my daily brow styling process is super easy. All I do is fill them in every morning with my Milani Brow Fix Kit. I get it in the shade “Light,” and I mix the two brown shades, then brush them through my brows using the included brush. I don’t bother finding a different, fancier brush or spoolie—the one it comes with is perfectly tiny and allows me to be really precise about where I place the powder so that it looks natural.

And there you have it, folks—that’s it. That’s my routine. I’ve been following it for the past five years, and the compliments haven’t slowed. One friend envied my brows so much, she decided to copycat my process and tools and now she gets comments on her brow game all the time too.

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