Ready to Be Grossed Out? Here’s the Dirtiest Hair Tool You Own

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You know just how gross your makeup brushes and blenders can get. But have you ever thought about your hair tools? And no, we’re not talking old brushes. It’s your curling iron.

Think about it—have you ever cleaned it? OMG is right. It may not look super grimey, but using your iron every day (or even a few days per week) usually results in buildup from your hair products like heat protectants, hair spray, mousse, texturizing spray, etc., not to mention germs and bacteria (yuck). And whether or not you can see the film, you might be able to smell it. The grime often omits an unpleasant odor when your tools heat up, in addition to potentially rubbing off into your hair or making your hair look brassy. It’s more than just gross to think about; it actually can weigh down your bouncy curls and cause grease to creep in faster.

But don’t worry, there’s hope. Your curling iron can be cleaned. First, make sure it’s unplugged and completely cool, and then take one of those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to the buildup. A few passes and you should actually see the stains lift off right before your eyes. If that doesn’t do the trick, break out the rubbing alcohol or baking soda to get it sparkling once again.

Or, maybe you think it's time for a fresh start instead. Here are some of our favorite shiny, new, clean curling irons below.