The One Way to Know If You Could Pull Off a Curly Pixie

You may fear that mixing curls and pixie cuts is a recipe for disaster, but shorter 'dos can actually work in your favor. If you're on the fence about making the chop, we have an easy way to test-drive the look: pull your hair back into a tight ponytail. We're talking all the way slicked back here.

The goal is to see what your face looks like without your usual curtain of hair shrouding it. Take notes and play around with the dimensions. Pull a few wisps out to see how that feels—or loosen the ponytail to see what a little more volume around your face looks like. Anyone can rock a pixie, it's just about catering the cut to your face shape.

For instance, if you have a longer face or larger forehead, a soft pixie with side-swept bangs will create a flattering balance. If you have a rounder face or cheeks, it's better to have more length and volume on top to elongate your features (like Dilone here).

And if you decide to commit to the cut, make sure you bring in plenty of photos to show your stylist what you're envisioning. Another tip: Make sure they dry-cut your curls so you get an accurate gauge on length. (Don't want to risk surprise shrinkage later.)