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As much as we love the beautiful snowy season, there’s a part of us that definitively does not: our skin. A dry forehead and chapped lips are nothing new, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to stand for it. That’s why we’ve turned to a few proven methods for combating the cold’s effects. Prepare to meet your soft new skin.

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Buy a Humidifier

Whether you’ve got central heating or a wheezing radiator, any artificial heating system will dry out the air in your home. Invest in a humidifier, especially in your bedroom, so your skin stays nice and naturally moisturized while you get some shut-eye.

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Use a Face Oil

Your skin may not respond well to heavy, moisturizing oils in the summer, but you might be surprised by what it can handle come the winter months. Even if you’re just adding a drop or two to your regular moisturizer, it can leave you with that summer softness you’ve been missing. We love Josie Maran’s multi-purpose Argan oil (P.S. this stuff does wonders on hair, too).

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Drink Less Caffeine

Believe us when we say we love a strong, strong cup of coffee in the morning (OK, make that three). But that parched feeling in your throat and constant need to pee? Those are signs that you’re dehydrated, which is a major block on the road to supple skin. Switch to a cup of green tea instead.

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Drink More Water

Or trade your coffee and tea with a cup of ice-cold water to jolt you awake. It’s a universally accepted rule that to have moisturized skin, you first need to have a hydrated body. That means lots and lots of water. (Thoughts on a gallon a day?) Flavor yours with sliced cucumbers to keep things interesting.

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Limit Your Shower Time

This one hurts a little, because we love a hot, long shower. But the truth is that the heat of the water strips your skin of natural oils. To remedy this, take warm (not hot) showers and limit your scrubbing time. For bonus points: Moisturize immediately after you get out of the shower, when your pores are the most open.

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