Would You Use a Butt Firming Cream? We Did and Here's What We Thought

If the French are known for being effortlessly chic and the Koreans are synonymous with skin care, the women of Brazil are probably best known for their bronzed limbs and their enviable body confidence.

So when a bright tangerine box of Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream landed on my desk, I first chuckled to myself (because apparently I’m 12 years old) and then decided to give the stuff a try.

With a beach weekend on the horizon, I felt like this was the prime time to put the derriere-firming cream to the test (especially since this is where I tend to carry most of my, ahem, cushion)

Application is a breeze, as you pretty much apply it like you would any other body lotion. The only difference here is that you’re supposed to spend a little extra time massaging the cream into your skin. And despite the name, you can (and should) use the cream on other parts of your body (like your legs, arms and stomach). 

Here’s what I like about the bum bum cream: It has a nice, whipped consistency that absorbs immediately. Seriously, I could slip into my clothes right after applying.

The key firming ingredient is guarana, a native Amazonian plant that contains five times the amount of caffeine that coffee does. When applied topically, caffeine temporarily tightens skin. The rest is a blend of cupuacu butter, acai and coconut oil—among other tropical-smelling goodness.

Which brings me to my next point. If you aren’t a fan of that sweet, beachy scent, this might not be for you, as the fragrance is fairly strong and lingers on your skin. However, if you love summery coconut, then you just hit the jackpot and can probably skip perfume when using this cream.

Bottom (haha) line: I’m not sure that it “tightened” my backside, per se, but it did leave my skin more supple and very well-hydrated (which contributed to an overall smoother appearance). Plus, there’s a very subtle shimmer in it that distracts from any lumps and bumps. It's probably not something you'd want to use every night before bed as a long-term solution, but I'd definitely recommend slathering on some right before any bikini-wearing outings.