2 Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Botox for the First Time

You’ve thought about it for months, you’ve asked your friends who have gotten it done, you *think* you’re finally ready to get Botox, but before you do, here are two quick (but very important) questions to ask before proceeding.

1. Is the injector board-certified? We’ve all seen the medispas and salons offering discount services that are mighty tempting. However, take caution: The people performing the treatment are not always (in fact, seldom) properly trained. Your best bet? Ask for personal recommendations or check a site like (which is basically Yelp for cosmetic treatments).

2. Do I like their aesthetic? OK, now you’ve found your board-certified derm or plastic surgeon. (Good job!) During your consultation, take a close look at their face. More than likely they’ve performed similar treatments on themselves so you can gauge how they might approach your face. Not aligned with what you want? Find someone who is.

Final word of advice: It’s always better to start with less than you think you need. It’s far easier to add a little more at a follow-up appointment than to start with too much and look overdone until the effects gradually wear off (usually between three and four months).

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