Blueland Spent 3 Years Developing Its New Body Wash—And It’s a Shower Game-Changer

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blueland body wash review
  • Value: 17/20
  • Quality: 19/20
  • Functionality: 18/20
  • Scent: 19/20
  • Eco-Friendliness: 20/20

TOTAL: 95/100

Nine percent—that’s roughly how much of the plastic you think you’re recycling that actually gets recycled, according to the EPA. And what about the plastic you don’t even think of recycling? As in, ahem, all those bottles lining your shower? (A 2016 study found that only 14 percent of people even attempt recycling those.) We felt called out by those statistics, so when we heard Blueland’s latest launch aimed to reduce our use of plastics overall, we were all ears. Especially when we learned it was unlike anything on their roster.

Blueland, the company known for its household cleaners (including its bath bomb-esque toilet cleaner) is entering the personal care space with its latest product, body wash. The gel has been three years in the making, featuring more than 100 iterations before they landed on what they deemed launch-worthy. And launch-worthy it is.

We were skeptical of a new body wash—after all, how many dozens exist on the market already?—but Blueland shines on a few fronts: It has a light, silky lather that feels cleansing and moisturizing (no post-shower scaly skin here), the scents are mild yet enchanting and it eliminates a ton of the bulky packaging you typically get from body washes.

blueland body wash review scents

First, the gel itself: It arrives in powder form, which you pour into Blueland’s reusable body wash bottle, along with water, and shake to combine. After an hour, it’s turned into a jelly-like solution that’s ready to use. The wash has been dermatologist-tested, checking off the major boxes: sulfate-, paraben-, aluminum- and phthalate-free; certified Made Safe Non-Toxic, EWG Skin Deep and Cradle to Cradle. Oh, and it’s hypoallergenic.

Second, the scent: The Starter Kit comes with three scents—raspberry hibiscus, waterlily dew and sandalwood sage. Waterlily Dew is our early favorite, since it has a mellow, fresh rain scent with just a tiny whiff of nectarine. Once you determine your fave, you can order refills in whichever one you please. (At $16, the Starter Kit seems pricey, until you factor in that it makes three full bottles of body wash. Refills are $9—not the cheapest option, but for the quality, it’s reasonable.)

blueland body wash review bottle

Third, the eco-friendly factor: The powder packets make for lighter, less bulky packaging that’s easier to ship to homes (and it’s compostable). Plus, once you have your initial “Forever Bottle,” you can just keep refilling and reusing it, rather than buying a new bottle every time your supply runs low. And the gel itself is made of natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about what’s going down your drain either.

Blueland estimates that if we can collectively reuse 10 percent of the packaging that the personal care industry produces annually, we’ll reduce the waste that winds up in the ocean by nearly 50 percent. That alone was reason for us to give it a shot; the moisturizing results are what’s getting us to stick with it.

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