5 Hair Products Blondes Swear By for Summer

We like our blonde blonde and our hair healthy. But the struggle is real when it comes to being a light-haired lady in summer. Everything from the pool to the sun itself can turn a flawless head of highlights into a brassy mess. Luckily, these five products were sent from the hair-care gods to keep everything looking salon-fresh—without opting out of a single beach day.

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sachajuan silver shampoo

Sachajuan Silver Shampoo

This pretty, dark purple shampoo helps neutralize unwanted warmth in cool blonde shades. But it goes a step further than your typical purple shampoo by providing UV protection while simultaneously nourishing strands, meaning they’ll hold color longer and will be less susceptible to breakage. Plus, the bottle is so chic, it makes any old shower feel like a spa.

christophe robin shade variation care mask

Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Mask

Need something a little more heavy-duty? Every blonde should have this mask on standby for damage control. Unlike purple shampoo, it has time to sit on strands and deposit pigments that cancel out yellow tones. Use it when you notice undesirable hues creeping in, or as a preventative method in between salon visits.

igk mixed feelings leave in blonde toning drops

Igk Mixed Feelings Leave-in Blonde Toning Drops

The beauty of these drops is that you can control how cool or warm you want your blonde to be. Just add a few to your everyday shampoo or conditioner for a custom toning boost, whether you need a total overhaul or just a touchup for maintenance.

ouai sun of a beach ombre 769 spray

Ouai Sun Of A Beach Ombré Spray

Remember Sun-In? This new product basically does the same thing, but without making hair look orange. Made with coconut water, lemon and pineapple juice, it brightens and lightens strands for a natural sun-kissed glow when things are looking a little on the dull side.

it s a 10 miracle leave in for blondes

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-in For Blondes

Sometimes, you need to call in the big guns. And we’ve got this leave-in on speed dial. Specially formulated for natural and color-treated blondes, it de-frizzes, restores moisture and enhances highlights and shine. It detangles to make hair more manageable without leaving any dulling residues behind, too. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, it also protects hair from UV rays and reverses damage from over-processing for healthy, vibrant color no matter what you put it through.

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