We Found the Best Electric Razor for Women (& a Lot of Very Close Seconds)

Plus, some shaving tips

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If you’re prone to nicking yourself while shaving, have easily irritated skin or just find that getting rid of body hair is too much of a production for you, let us point you toward an electric razor. "Since the blades of an electric razor aren’t exposed, you’re less likely to scratch or cut yourself when using one," explains Jenette Serrins, celebrity esthetician and skincare expert.

Caitlin Orszulak, who is the senior scientist at Proctor & Gamble Grooming division agrees, adding that, "With an electric razor, there are guards around the blades that can prevent that [nicking their skin]. Additionally, people who regularly experience razor bumps might find that an electric razor works better for them, as the blades don’t come into direct contact with skin."   

Ready to cut to the chase? Same, which is why we set out to find the best electric razor for women. Ahead, we’ve vetted the ten best models on the market that will cater to your needs (and answered some of your most pressing questions about shaving with one).

The Best Electric Razors at a Glance


Best Electric Razor for Beginners

Brori Electric Razor for Women

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Best Budget

Panasonic Close Curves Electric Razor

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Best for Travel

Remington Smooth and Silky Electric Razor

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Best for the Bikini Line

Conair All-in-One Shave and Trim System

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Best for Sensitive Skin

Remington Smooth and Silky Bikini Trimmer

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Meet the Experts

  • Jenette Serrins is a celebrity esthetician who founded her eponymous brand, Jenette All Natural Skin Care, in 2012 as an extension of her practice in Los Angeles.
  • Caitlin Orszulak is the senior scientist at Proctor & Gamble Grooming (the company behind shaving brands like Gillette). Prior to this, she was a claims and science analyst at the company. Orszulak holds a B.S. in Biology from James Madison University.

How We Chose the Best Electric Razors for Women

As longtime shavers ourselves, we scoured the market to bring you a wide range of options that met specific criteria, including the type of electric razor (more on that ahead), as well as whether or not it's waterproof, battery operated and ergonomic. We also asked our experts for their recommendations and supplemented those picks with top-rated razors across retailers like QVC, Amazon, Sephora and Ulta Beauty to cull this list of the ten best electric razors for women.

The Easy Underarm Shaving Tip for Smoother, Less Irritated Skin

Best Electric Razor for Beginners

1. Brori Electric Razor for Women


  • What We Like: has a built-in LED light that reveals fine hairs, hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
  • What We Don't Like: comes with limited attachments
  • Blades: three
  • Battery Life: 60 minutes
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments: trimming guide comb

New to shaving with an electric razor? Start with Brori’s user-friendly model, which can be used on wet or dry skin without shaving cream and on any body part, from your pits and your legs to even your bikini line. Speaking of hard-to-see spots, it also has a built-in LED light that illuminates even the finest hairs, so you don’t miss a single patch while shaving.

  • What We Like: has three ultra-sharp floating blades and dual ultra-thin outer foils
  • What We Don't Like: shorter battery life than some, comes with limited attachments
  • Blades: three
  • Battery Life: 35 minutes
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments: none

With three sharp blades with flexible heads and ultra-thin foil, this razor gets close to your hairs and contours to your curves without sacrificing on safety or comfort. The stainless-steel blades are also easy to clean; just run the razor under running water and let it dry. As one excited user shares, “If you have coarse, deep-rooted body hair and sensitive skin: This is your new best friend. Less waste, money and time.”

Best for Travel

3.  Remington Smooth and Silky Electric Razor


  • What We Like: has an angled head and dual trimmers
  • What We Don't Like: requires AAA batteries, which aren't included
  • Blades: three
  • Battery Life: not chargeable
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments: none

This petite wonder fits easily in the palm of your hand, in your carry-on or even your gym bag, so you can stay smooth wherever you go. The three-blade razor is completely cordless (it takes two AAA batteries), which makes it even more travel-friendly, and it comes with a set of trimmers for your bikini line. “This [razor has] saved me so much razor burn," writes one happy shopper. "It’s super easy to clean too and I have taken it on multiple airplanes."

Best for the Bikini Line

4. Conair All-in-One Shave and Trim System


  • What We Like: has an angled head and dual trimmers
  • What We Don't Like: requires AAA batteries, which aren't included
  • Blades: three
  • Battery Life: n/a
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments: five attachments

Described as “the perfect size for multiple uses,” this shaving kit comes with everything you need to trim and smooth your bikini line—and then some. The cordless razor comes with four different attachments, including a bikini trimmer, an adjustable comb for precise shaping, a detail trimmer for touch ups and even an eyebrow comb. One Amazon shopper says she loves it because she can use it everywhere, and that “the different sized heads [snap] easily on and off” when you’re targeting different areas.

Best for Sensitive Skin

5. Remington Smooth and Silky Bikini Trimmer


  • What We Like: has a flexible dual-sided trimmer that preps longer hairs to be cut and a moisturizing almond oil strip
  • What We Don't Like: shorter run time
  • Blades: four
  • Battery Life: 30
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments: bikini comb and headguard

Used wet or dry, you can shave without having to worry about accidental nicks or razor burn thanks to the angled blades and hypoallergenic foils that sheath them. Even better, the razor has an almond oil strip that transfers the nourishing ingredient to your skin with every pass.

Best Trimmer

6. Panasonic ES-WR50-P Pen Trimmer


  • What We Like: portable pen-shaped design is easy to pack, trimmer head rinses clean under running water
  • What We Don't Like: requires two AAA size battery (not included)
  • Blades: four
  • Battery Life: about eight, five-minute trims
  • Waterproof: no
  • Attachments: n/a

With more than 15,000 glowing reviews on Amazon, this sleek device has rounded micro-thin blades to cut hairs within 0.1mm of their base, according to Panasonic. The slender design makes it easy to maneuver and keep control in normally hard-to-reach areas. As one reviewer shares, “Not to be too graphic, this thing can clear a rainforest.”

Best for Legs

7. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Hair Remover

Finishing Touch

  • What We Like: features four 18-karat gold-plated heads and bright LED lights that help illuminate skin so you don't miss a spot
  • What We Don't Like: no attachments, not waterproof
  • Blades: four
  • Battery Life: powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Waterproof: no
  • Attachments: n/a

Fans of this dry shaver say it’s a game changer for defuzzing your legs. Featuring 18-karat gold-plated floating heads that can reportedly cover four times the surface area of standard razors, you can quickly get the job done without having to shave over the same spot multiple times.

Best for Facial Hair

8. Dermaflash LUXE+


  • What We Like: easy to use, great for at-home dermaplaning, blades are single-use only
  • What We Don't Like: a bit on the pricier side
  • Blades: one
  • Battery Life: brand recommends charging device before each use
  • Waterproof: no
  • Attachments: n/a

You know that baby smooth feeling your skin has after an appointment with your favorite facialist? You can keep those silky results every day with one of these dermaplaning devices. Featuring a microfine blade and sonic technology, the tool swiftly removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells from your face in just a few strokes. And according to reviewers, it really works. “I absolutely love this tool. My skin is glowing and so smooth. My pores appear smaller and are no longer blocked,” writes one user.

Closest Shave

9. Philips SatinShave


  • What We Like: has rounded pearl-tip trimmers in front and behind the shaving foil and an ergonomic S-shaped handle that's easy to maneuver
  • What We Don't Like: doesn't come with many accessories
  • Blades: one
  • Battery Life: one hour
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments: trimming comb

Ankles and knees are in good hands with this gentle razor. With four stainless-steel and hypoallergenic blades that are wrapped in ultra-thin foils, it gives you a close and smooth shave every time sans irritation. Plus, it comes with a bikini trimmer attachment.

Best for Full-Body Shaving

10. Remington Body and Bikini Kit


  • What We Like: the kit comes with many different attachments
  • What We Don't Like: some reviewers note it doesn't give the closest shave
  • Blades: one
  • Battery Life: 30-minute run time
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments: trimmer foil shaving head, bikini trimmer, exfoliating head, gentle trimmer, detail trimmer, length guide, also comes with a pen trimmer and a travel bag

For our full-body shavers, this comprehensive kit is the way to go. It includes an angled foil trimmer, as well as separate heads for the bikini area, exfoliating, detailing and gentle trimming. Oh, there's also a length guide and a travel bag to keep all of its parts in one place. “The attachments are all uniquely useful. I am pleasantly surprised by how close a shave I got with this device. Comparable to waxing which I didn't think was even possible,” writes one happy buyer.

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Razor for Women

"There are three different types of electric razors or trimmers, each with unique features," explains Orszulak. They are as follows:

  • Foil shavers have one or more horizontal bars (foils), which are covered in holes. As the shaver moves over the skin, hair enters the holes and is cut by the blades within these foils. The foil cage helps to protect the skin from coming into direct contact with the sharp blades. This type of shaver works best when used in a single direction, lifting the shaver between shaving strokes rather than rotating it in multiple directions on skin.
  • Rotary shavers have blades that spin in a circular direction.  The rotating blades are covered by circular foils on a singular head. These rotating blades may be able to follow contours of the body more easily, and can be rotated in multiple directions compared to a foil shaver.
  • Single-blade trimmers have a guard that remains stationary against the skin while an oscillating cutting blade moves left and right above it, cutting the hairs being fed into the blades.

In addition to choosing from the different types of electric razors, some other things to consider are whether it's waterproof, battery operated and ergonomic. Many also come with various attachments so you can trim hair to different lengths. "It’s really important to understand the type of electric razor you have and how to use it effectively to get the results you want, so make sure to read the user instructions carefully," adds Orszulak.

Which Gives You a Closer Shave: An Electric Razor or a Regular One?

Both experts agree that a well-constructed regular razor definitely has the edge when it comes to getting a closer shave. "A traditional razor gives a closer shave because the blades come into direct contact with the skin and hair," explains Orszulak.

Another thing to consider is if you're pressed for time: "A manual razor can remove hair in one to two strokes, whereas an electric version may require several passes over the same area," says Serrens.

Are Electric Razors Safer for Your Skin?

According to Orszulak, it's less about an electric razor being safer or better, and more about individual preferences and the desired end results. "Some people prefer not to use a traditional razor, as they're worried the exposed blades will leave them with nicks and cuts," she says. Again, electric razors have built-in guards around the blades that can prevent this from happening, which might appeal to beginner shavers. "Additionally, people who are prone to getting razor bumps might find that an electric razor works better for them since the blade doesn’t come into direct contact with their skin."

On That Note, Is It OK to Shave Your Pubic Hair Using an Electric Razor?

"It is absolutely okay and preferred by many," assures Orszulak, before adding that she recommends using an electric razor that's designed specifically for this purpose, as the hair is thicker and the skin is thinner and more sensitive in the pubic area, as compared to other parts of the body.

And because you don't need to use shaving cream when using an electric razor, it’s easier to see where you're trimming, so you can groom the bikini line to your liking.

Lastly, it's also common for people to use a combination of razors to remove hair from this region. "If it's been a while since your last shave, it might be easier to trim down the hair with an electric razor first, and then move to a traditional razor [to get the smoothest finish]," says Orszulak.

Serrins agrees, cautioning that when you're removing hair in a delicate area, you should clean it very well pre- and post- removal with something that doesn't contain alcohol or harsh acids, which can cause irritation. (She suggests swiping the area with a clarifying toner that has anti-bacterial and calming ingredients in it.)

How Should You Prep Your Skin When Shaving with an Electric Razor?

For starters, it depends on whether you are using your razor in or out of the shower. "Check the manual to see that your electric razor is safe to use in the shower and that it's waterproof," advises Orszulak. "If you plan to use it in the shower, prep your skin by exfoliating and cleaning the area first. Shaving in the shower actually makes the hair easier to cut because when your hair is hydrated, the force required to cut through it is significantly lower than when it’s dry," she explains.

On the other hand, if your electric razor isn't waterproof or you prefer to use it after you shower, it’s still important to start with properly exfoliating and cleaning the area. Once you step out of the shower, pat the area completely dry before using your electric razor.

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