The Easy Underarm Shaving Tip For Smoother Less Irritated Skin

You step into the shower, lather up and reach for your razor. OK, now think: How do you typically shave your armpits? Most of us tend to shave upward (or downward) in repetitive strokes until we’ve canvased the entire area. According to Dr. Alicia Barba, a dermatologist in Miami, this is precisely the reason why we keep getting pesky ingrown hairs and razor burn. 

So How Do I Reduce Irritation?

Using your opposite hand, pull your underarm skin taut and shave in an “X” pattern. This will get you the closest shave possible while reducing irritation.

Why This Works:

While the hair on your arms or legs tends to grow in one direction, the hair under your arms grows in a swirl pattern (aka in all different directions). By shaving in an “X” pattern, you’ll catch more hairs while reducing the number of swipes you make across your skin. So the next time you go to shave your pits, remember: “X” marks the spot.

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