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Woof, winter: We haven’t seen the sun in weeks, our thickest moisturizer doesn’t stand a chance against the back of our hands and, heck, even our everyday concealer is starting to look a bit bronze. Not to worry, because we have a simple solution. Here, five nail colors that will warm up any complexion (yep, even in the middle of winter).

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winter nail color zoya

For Fair Skin: Opaque Pastels

You may think reds are the most flattering, but that can actually draw attention to your porcelain skin and make your hands appear a bit, um, lifeless. A white-based pastel (be it ballerina pink or sea-foam green) will add the perfect amount of contrast to your skin’s warmer undertones and allow them to shine through. 

Zoya ($10)

winter nail color butter london
Butter London

For Light Skin: Shimmery Gold

Light-reflecting shimmers bring the sun to you and add a soft summer glow to your fair-skinned complexion. Plus, what better time of year than winter to sport festive sparkly nails?

Butter London ($15)

winter nail color chanel

For Olive Skin: Bright Vermillion

Lucky ducks. Your yellowy undertones always make you appear sun-kissed, even in mid-January. Amp up the heat with a fiery orange-red to complement your warm skin tone. 

Chanel ($28)

winter nail color essie

For Medium Skin: Soft Coral

A pretty pink complements your rich honey complexion and lets you fake that summer-on-the-beach glow by adding even more rosy-hued warmth to your amber undertones.

Essie ($9)

winter nail color smith cult
Smith & Cult

For Dark Skin: Creamy Yellow

Skin feeling kinda lackluster this time of year? Give it a jolt with a sunny canary hue, which complements your reddish undertones. Just keep it a bit more grown-up with a slightly matte version that’s less summer-festival neon and more warm eggnog.

Smith & Cult ($18) 

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