Here's the Essential Oil You Should Be Using, Based on...Your Zodiac Sign

Candles. Bath bombs. Face masks. Self-care Sunday is pretty much written in the stars. But if you’re not diffusing, sniffing or bathing in essential oils, it’s time to level up. Take a look below to find the best essential oil for you, then stock up on all the good juju the universe can afford.

The Best Perfume For Every Zodiac Sign


Pisces (feb 19-mar 20): Vetiver

You might be a textbook Pisces if you often find yourself caught in a daydream. You’ve got a tendency to drift off and escape reality, but Vetiver can help you stay present and centered any time you need a little extra help focusing on something important. Vetiver is oil extracted from the root of an Indian grass, and it has calming properties that are very grounding and stabilizing, which is perfect for bringing your wandering mind back down to Earth, Pisces.


Aries (mar 21-apr 19): Lavender

You’re fiery and adventurous at your core, which means you might get a little impatient at times (long lines or traffic, anyone?). Cool your jets (and release some stress) with soothing lavender oil. Extracted from the lavender bush, its scent has a calming effect on both the body and mind, which helps to impart a little zen when you need it most.


Taurus (apr 20-may 20): Cedarwood

Oh, reliable Taurus. You put your friends’ happiness first, but that might mean your “me” time is limited. Keep yourself grounded with crisp and earthy cedarwood, which nurtures a strong sense of purpose thanks to its hygge-esque woodsy aromas, perfect for comforting and uplifting your mood.


Gemini (may 21-jun 20): Basil

As a Gemini, your interests are constantly changing, and all those conflicting thoughts might cause a bit of confusion. Basil is known to reinvigorate the sensesa few drops of basil oil in a diffuser will help promote focus, bring mental clarity and fight that exhaustion that comes from not being able to make up your mind.


Cancer (jun 21-jul 22): Peppermint

You’re sympathetic and emotional (in the best ways possible). So when your personal life gets a little out of whack, you often suffer from anxiety—and a sensitive stomach (ugh). When ingested, peppermint is used to quell stomachaches, and it reinvigorates the senses with a calming yet uplifting scent when diffused, making it your personal magic potion.


Leo (jul 23-aug 22): Ginger

Leos confidently wear their heart on their sleeve, commanding attention wherever they go. Prevent burnout with a spicy oil like ginger—it has mentally stimulating properties and is also known to improve breathing. Ingest it for a zing of energy or diffuse it for a subtler effect.


Virgo (aug 23-sept 22): Ylang Ylang

You’re practical and grounded on the exterior but a tad bit OCD on the inside. Stay cool under pressure with ylang ylang. This sweet floral oil is harvested from the flowers of the ylang ylang tree and helps to promote relaxation by inducing feelings of joy and positivity. Sit back, relax and let it calm your racing mind, so you can actually be as zen as you make yourself out to be.

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Libra (sept 23-oct 21): Frankincense

As someone who’s charming and easygoing, you’re all about keeping everything in balance. When inhaled, frankincense has adaptogenic properties that will help calm any emotional middle ground and bring on feelings of peace. It's also shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure during any high-stress times.

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Scorpio (oct 22-nov 21): Rose

As the most passionate sign, sometimes a Scorpio’s heart can get clogged with jealousy. Rose essential oil acts as a chill pill to ease up the tension and open your heart to love. Extracted from rosebuds, its naturally floral scent also helps to relieve any anxiety-induced depression.


Sagittarius (nov 22-dec 21): Tea Tree

You’re a natural-born jet-setter who loves traveling and new experiences. But all that adventure can take its toll on your physical body. Tea tree oil will soothe aching muscles and increase circulation so you can move onto the next adventure with ease. Apply a few drops directly to skin and let its invigorating and cooling properties relieve any soreness.


Capricorn (dec 22-jan 19): Sandalwood

Capricorn, you’re the ultimate #bosslady. As someone who keeps your nose to the grindstone, you’re always looking to improve processes (and yourself). Sandalwood will help to soothe your inner perfectionist so you can let loose and create some work-life balance. It's been used in meditation practices for centuries for its grounding and mood-enhancing properties, but it can have the same benefits during a state of complete consciousness, too.


Aquarius (jan 20-feb 18): German Chamomile

Even though you’re often known as the most eccentric sign for your creative ways of thinking, you may need a little help expressing your ingenious ideas. That’s where German chamomile’s calming and mind-quieting properties come into play. Often referred to as blue chamomile, its a gentle oil that helps to uplift your mood and release anxieties that get in the way of your creative process.