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“Is ombré already out?” “What’s the deal with eyebrow wigs?” “Everyone’s wearing lip gloss again, right?” Instead of bugging your teenage niece with all your most pressing beauty questions, we’ve compiled a list of the best looks for the coming season so you can stay in-the-know—all on your own (and maybe try a few when you’re feeling adventurous). Here, seven beauty trends that will be huge for fall.

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fall beauty braids
Peter White/Getty Images

Braided Accents

Down the middle of your part or as mini accents throughout your mane, tiny braids were seen on many a runway in February. Does it remind us of getting our hair done in the Bahamas when we were 14? A little bit. Do we still think we’ll rock it all season long? Absolutely—because these are far more subtle and singled out.

fall beauty mani

Dipped Manicures

Sorta like a French manicure but a lot trendier, this technique paints the polish higher up on your nail for a splash of color at your tips. As you can see from the brilliant Jin Soon, this is just a “dipped” appearance, but there is all kinds of wiggle room if you want to do it at home.

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fall trends gloos
Victor Virgile/Getty Images

Eye Gloss

Matte shadows and oil-controlling eyelid primers have taken a back seat to dewy eye vinyls and glazes. The look: youthful, glossy lids that reflect light where you want it most. 

fall Trends short
Lorenzo Palizzolo/Getty Images

Short Cuts

Move over, Rapunzel: Pixies, blunt bobs and close crops will make their mark this fall as the hairstyle du jour. (To which we scream, “Finally!” as we chuck our blow-dryers out the window.)

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fall beauty eyecolor
JP Yim/Getty Images

Multi-Hued Eyes

From color-blocked pastels to multi-faceted metallics, the trend of the season calls for an entire palette of coordinating and eye-popping shades applied strategically from brow bone to lash line.

fall beauty smudged
Antonello Trio/Getty Images

Smudged Lips

We will always love bold reds and vampy plums, but there’s a new lip game in town: soft, natural, even a little messy. To achieve, just prep with Chapstick or a salve, then dab a bit of lip stain in the middle of your pout. Voilà.

fall beauty middlewaves
Lorenzo Palizzolo/Getty Images

Middle Waves

The style we’ve been doing by accident for years was apparently was a fashion-week favorite. Basically you just keep the roots and ends of your strands straight, then use a wand or curling iron on only the middle section (or, ya know, just fall asleep with wet hair like we do). Meet the most attainable hairstyle ever. 

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