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Crimped hair in the ’80s. The pencil-thin brows of the ’90s. We all succumb to the beauty trends of the era. And we all have that moment of realization when they’ve jumped the shark. So, beauty-conscious friends, these are the five things you might currently want to give up. 

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Ombre Hair

Highlighted ends, you've had a good run. You were summery and carefree and secretly made us feel like a rock star. But the time has come to switch you out for a more natural all-over hair color. Good news: Balayage is sticking around.


Aggressive Contouring

Listen, Kim Kardashian knows her way around a makeup application. And we’re certainly not hating on that. However, we normal human beings don’t have time for multicolored artistic renderings on our face. Give us a simple highlighter stick and we’ll try strobing instead.


Overly Dark Eyebrows

There’s no denying that full eyebrows are back and bigger than ever. But unless they come naturally to you (like model Cara Delevingne), ease up on the brow pencils just a touch. You can achieve a more subtle look with some light grooming and a clear gel. 

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Obvious Falsies

No disrespect to Queen Nene, but we’re not on TV every day. (And eye glue sounds like it hurts.) So we’re taking the gentler, more work-appropriate route of eyelash extensions. Or just a heated curler.


Cutesy Nail Art

It’s been fun, guys. But decals of hamburgers and pandas (and whatever holiday is currently coming up) are starting to feel a little played out. From here on out, join us in obsessing over minimalist designs, like colored tips and thin gold tape.

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