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Job interviews, presentations at work, friends’ weddings, first dates…there are some occasions in life that call for a little extra beauty care. We’re all for stepping up your game for these events, but maybe stick to the low-risk manis and blowouts, and hold off on these five treatments if you’re cutting it close on time.

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Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Remember that episode of Friends where Ross bleaches his teeth and ends up with a fluorescent smile? OK, that’s an extreme case, but plan to see your dentist at least a week in advance of any major event so you don’t experience any tooth sensitivity—while, say, sipping your cocktail at dinner—or risk staining them more. (Teeth are their most porous and susceptible to staining the first 24 to 48 hours after whitening.) You’re better off just swiping a blue-based red lip color to help offset any yellow tones on your chompers.

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Getting a Facial or Peel

We get it. You want your skin to be clear and glowing like a fresh-faced celeb in a Neutrogena commercial. But oftentimes, in the days immediately following a facial, you look a bit red and flaky. (Sometimes, as a result of the recent skin purge, you might even sprout a few new zits.) A safer option is to swipe a gentle peel pad over your face the night before—and do some strategic highlighting the day of your date.


Cutting or Coloring Your Hair

Ever notice how even if you’re getting the exact same cut as you always do, it takes a couple weeks of wash and wear before it really “settles” into its sweet spot? Resist the urge to make any drastic changes in the days leading up to your big event. You want some buffer time just in case it doesn’t turn out how you imagined. To quickly get your hair shiny and smooth, slather on an ultra-conditioning hair mask instead.


Shaving or Waxing Anything

Waxing or even plucking any facial hair too soon before the big night could result in blotchiness—or ingrowns. Give yourself at least three to four days to recover after any type of hair removal. And if you prefer to shave, make sure to use a fresh blade and plenty of shaving cream so you don’t risk getting razor burn (which is maybe not the sexiest look for a first date).

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Trying to Self- or Pro-Tan

If you don’t want to risk looking streaky or (shudder) rubbing color onto your date, skip the day-of self-tanning. Try a body lotion with subtle shimmer instead. It will give you a nice gleam without looking greasy.

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