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18 Beauty Faux Pas Were All a Little Guilty Of
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We’ve all made plenty of beauty mistakes in our past (and we have the late-’90s pictures to prove it). Though we’d like to think that we’ve got this whole “makeup” thing down by now, we’ll likely commit a few more faux pas along the way. And you know what? It’s totally OK. Admission is the first step. Here are some common beauty blunders to watch out for—and try your damnedest to avoid.

1. Not blending foundation properly. Note to self: Remember the hairline and neck.

2. Wearing too much foundation. Less is more—especially with powders.

3. Wearing too much perfume. Keep it to your pulse points and reapply later if needed.

4. Walking around with a halo of frizz. Humidity happens, but fuzzy strands don’t have to. A frizz-specific spray will nip flyaways in the bud without weighing hair down. (Rubbing a dryer sheet over frizz helps, too.)

5. Walking around with greasy roots. Dry shampoo is the ultimate BFF.

6. Getting bangs in the summer. Sweaty foreheads happen. Wait until the fall.

7. Picking a zit. We know, it's impossible to resist. Just make sure you're doing it the right way.

8. Picking off a gel manicure. Yes, it offers instant gratification, but it also takes off layers of your nail. At the first signs of peeling, get thee to the salon for a proper removal. 

9. Going cheap on topcoat. Invest in the good stuff and reapply every few days. Tiny investment = much longer manicures.

10. Wearing too much blush. Check yourself in natural light (aka your nearest window) before heading out.

11. Overdoing the mascara. Too many coats means clumpy lashes.

12. Not exfoliating your lips before putting on lipstick. Fact: No amount of color distracts from a dry, flaky pout. Make yourself a sugar scrub and use it whenever you plan on rocking a bold lip.

13. Overdrawing our brows. Full brows are trendy, sure. But short, light strokes, people.  

14. Wearing too much eyeliner. It used to signal teenage angst. Now it just makes us look haggard.

15. Not blending your self-tanner. Hint: Adding moisturizer to the mix helps. A lot. 

16. Not cleaning our makeup brushes or sponges. All you need is some olive oil and dish soap to get the job done. 

17. Not throwing out old makeup. It’s so hard to say goodbye…until you get a stye. Not sure if your eyeliner has expired or if your foundation is still good? Here's a handy guide

18. Sticking to the same ol’ routine. Go ahead and try that blue eyeshadow. You’d be surprised.

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