4 Facial Massages You Can Do Every Day

One of the biggest trends in skin care right now? Facial massages. And good news: You don’t have to plunk down a paycheck for a spa treatment when you want those magical depuffing and sculpting effects. Here, four easy moves you can do at home using only your fingertips. Just make sure you start by smoothing on a few drops of facial oil or serum first.

Facial Massages Feel Great, but Do They Actually Work?

eye massage
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To Depuff Your Eyes
First things first: The skin around your eyes is very thin and can’t handle as much pressure as other parts of your face so always use a light touch. OK, now take your ring fingers and gently press and roll them along your brow bone from the inner to outer corners; repeat under your eyes.

To Smooth Your Forehead
Using your index and middle fingers, firmly press them between your brows and slide them up your forehead until you reach your hairline. Work your way outward until you’ve covered your entire forehead and repeat as needed. (Tip: When you feel really congested, press and hold the area between your brows for a few extra seconds.)

jawline massage
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To Define Your Jawline
Make a peace sign with both hands and bend your fingers over to create "air quotes." Starting at your chin, cradle your jaw between your fingers on either side and slowly draw them up toward your ears in a sweeping motion.

To Sculpt Your Cheekbones
Repeat the same movements as you did for your jawline—just position your fingers underneath your cheekbones. Finish by lightly pinching the apples of your cheeks for a quick boost of circulation. Our parting words of advice? Spend at least three minutes on any area that needs TLC and enjoy the process.

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