The Angela Caglia Gua Sha Tool Reminded Me of the Importance of Self Love

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Between clocking in my work hours each day, keeping up on happy hours with my friends, staying in touch with family and dating (eek!), most days are more overwhelming than not. (Maybe you can relate.) And as much as I look forward to takeout on a Friday night alongside sappy romantic movies as a way to unwind from it all, my latest way to practice self love was born when I faced my purest self in the mirror for a session with the Angela Caglia rose quartz gua sha tool.

What Is Gua Sha?

For those stumped on how to actually say it (guilty!), it's pronounced "gwa sha," and it's simply a treatment that involves combing areas of the body with a smooth-edged tool. When performed on the face, it's usually done in gentle, upward strokes using a flat jade or rose quartz stone. The practice reportedly originated in China between 1368 and 1644 in an effort to treat muscle pain and tension, according to Clive Witham at Cecily Braden Spa & Wellness. Supposedly, its benefits include everything from relieving tension in the face to reducing puffiness, inflammation, sinus pressure and headaches.

What Is the Angela Caglia Rose Quartz Gua Sha?

Designed to replicate celebrity facialist and esthetician Angela Caglia's own hands for an at-home version of her renowned facial massages, her gua sha tool uses ethically sourced rose quartz from Brazil. Known as the "love stone," the rose quartz promotes self-love while its flat, smooth shape aims to detoxify, restore healthy circulation and make skin glow both inside and out.

How to Use It

Whatever you do, don't apply too much pressure. Think of your face as delicate glass. Since you don't want to shatter it, it's best to go with gentle light or medium pressure (the instructions advise using it for 15 minutes when you wake up or before bed).

There are also different angles and wiggling movements that Caglia recommends for massaging certain parts of your face. For instance, you should start at the back of your neck using the small tip and slowly move up and down the hairline, then continue individually massaging each area of your face (in the middle of your forehead, across your brows, over your cheekbones, under your eyes, etc.) from top to bottom. Then when you're done, wash your tool with soap and water and lay it out for the next day.

What I Like About It

Compared to jade facial rollers, which offer similar benefits, Angela Caglia's rose quartz gua sha forces you to pay special attention to every aspect of your face, which is much easier to do in front of a mirror. Even though I look at myself in the mirror several times a day, when I'm getting ready in the morning and while I'm washing my hands and face before bed, using this tool made me realize that I've never taken the time to truly honor my face and my overall being.

Once I started using the tool with no makeup on for a full 15 minutes before bed for two weeks, I was forced to get vulnerable with myself. During that time, I was able to remind myself of all the reasons why I love me, which made me feel more confident and hopeful. Not to mention, I just felt lighter—something that made sense, as gua sha attempts to awaken and move energy around the body, restoring balance. 

Beyond that, there was the physical aspects. The tool felt cool and soothing on my skin, and once finished, I did feel like some tension was relieved in my face. I also noticed I didn't look as puffy, giving my face a more sculpted look.

Needless to say, I've fallen in love and will be whipping my gua sha out every chance I get. Don't you just love skincare?

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What Is a Gua Sha Facial and Can It Transform Your Skin?

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