The 11 Coolest (and Downright Ridiculous) Cocktail Experiences in NYC, According to TikTok

In case you missed it, TikTok is an excellent source of inspiration for fashion, beauty and food, thanks to an endless supply of catchy tunes and honest reviews. And while we’ve come across plenty of great brunch spots and outdoor dining options to add to our list, it’s the over-the-top, picture-worthy cocktails showing up on our For You Page that have us ready to book a reservation. Fortunately, there’s no need to scroll aimlessly looking for the best happy hour tipples. We’ve done the hard work for you and created a roundup of 11 restaurants with the coolest (and downright ridiculous) cocktails to try in NYC.

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1. Thep

When a restaurant’s name in Thai means “excellent,” you know you’re in for a treat. While you should definitely order some of their popular entrees like the Pad Thai and Golden Sachets (to be enjoyed while dining in your own personal shed, of course), it’s the drinks selection that has us intrigued. If you’re heading for happy hour—which is $7 on weekdays—ask for the ultra-refreshing On Cloud 9, a gin and grapefruit concoction that’s topped with elderflower foam, or the sparkling Pom & Bubble, a Cava cocktail adorned with a pomegranate popsicle (three cheers for getting drinks and dessert).

1439 2nd Avenue; 212-899-9995 or

2. Lou Lou

Forget regular ol’ glasses…when you sit down at this French bistro in Chelsea you can expect your beverage to arrive in the coolest-looking cups. Their signature cocktail (aka The Mexican Stiletto) comes in a bird-shape glass filled with a blend of Don Julio, grapefruit and agave. And if you want to unleash your inner witch at brunch, order the The World Is Yours—a gin, sake and peach treat served in a crystal ball and topped with edible flowers.

176 8th Avenue; 212-337-9577 or

3. The Cauldron

Calling all Harry Potter fans: You can live out all your wizarding dreams at this fantasy-inspired pop-up in Fi-Di by making your own drink potion. This magical experience allows guests to become mixologists and whip two cocktails (or mocktails, if you prefer) to their liking. Each booking comes with an appetizer and a welcome drink, plus the assistance of a Potion Master to create your concoctions. Oh, and did we mention you get a wand (and can purchase a robe) to enhance your otherworldly visit?

47 Stone Street; 917-635-1960 or

4. La Fonda

Come for the homestyle Puerto Rican dishes like the pollo guisado (chicken stew), shrimp mofongo or the pernil con arroz (rice with roasted pork shoulder), but stay for the signature drinks. We’re partial to the La Fonda Flip (a blackberries-maple rum blend) and La Isla Del Encanto (their signature sangaria made with fresh ingredients), but it’s the mimosa towers—and we mean towers—for brunch that are the real stand-outs here.

169 E 106th; 212-410-7292 or

5. Caliente Cab

If you’re in the market for big (emphasize on BIG) portions and drinks, look no further than this Mexican eatery in the West Village. Grab your pod and try finishing their Gigante Fresh Fruit Margarita, if you dare. Choose from nine different flavors (strawberry, mango and passion fruit, to name a few) and pair it with their massive Taco Tower for an unforgettable—and seriously filling—dining experience. (And FYI, they are constantly offering half-off specials on Instagram.)

61 7th Avenue S; 212-243-8517 or

6. Elite Williamsburg

The weather is warming up, which means it’s time for a frozen drink (or two). This Brooklyn spot has plenty of fun, colorful cocktails like the Frozé, Señorita Margarita and the Pina Colada that pack a sweet and chilly punch. But if you’re looking to go completely over-the-top, pre-order a customized watermelon drink (your pick of beverage that is served in the actual fruit) with a design of your choice (think: a birthday greeting or the logo of your bestie’s favorite brand). Orders much be placed at least one day in advance.

128 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-599-0200 or

7. Sveta

Speaking of frozen drinks, Sveta’s selection will have you reliving your childhood (but you know, with an alcoholic twist). The West Village eatery sells 16-ounce pouches of tasty libations, similar to those Capri Suns you used to love so much. But instead of getting juice, you can choose from cocktails like Rosé, Henny Colada and Frozen Claw (aka a White Claw-inspired tipple). And if you’re looking for a free refill, simply share this drink on social media and tag the restaurant. (You’re welcome.)

64 Carmine St; 212-203-4106 or

8. Tiki Chick

Want to feel like you’re on vacation without actually leaving the city? Well, between the cheerful aesthetics and the tasty drinks, you’ll forget all about NYC’s bustling streets and fall right into the tropics. There are plenty of themed-cocktails worth checking out here, but we’re partial to the ones with fun glasses involved. Try the Shark Snacks (a rum-tequila mix in a shark’s mouth), the Chicks On a Holiday (a gin drink in a pineapple-shaped glass) or the Zombie (a rum blend in a cute Tiki).

517 Amsterdam Ave;

9. Honeywell

This Harlem spot is all about creativity when it comes to presentation. Seriously, the mixologists here can basically turn anything into a glass for your drink. Exhibit A: The Honey Bear signature cocktail can be found in a honey-shaped bottle. Or how about the Bee Mine cocktail that’s served in a bong? Want to take a sip from a lava lamp or light bulb? All that—and more— at this seriously cool uptown eatery.

3604 Broadway; 646-861-0489 or

10. Cielito Astoria

One look at the tacos here and your mouth is guaranteed to start watering, but don’t forget to add one of Cielito’s special cocktails to your order. Whether you go for a margarita or a mojito (or, um, both), you’ll be treated to a whole popsicle as the centerpiece of your drink. Our favorite? The Route to Oaxaca (a fruity mix on the rocks with a mango ice pop) and the Margarita Michoacana (a mezcal-horchata blend with a traditional Mexican ice pop).

33-02 36th Avenue, Queens; 718-786-4800

11. Magic Hour

We would be surprised if this Times Square location didn’t show up on your feed. Whether you go for brunch or “magic hour,” the drinks and food at this popular rooftop bar are sure to surprise and delight. We definitely recommend the Doctors Orders (aka, a rum and Vita Coco blend that’s served in an IV bag), Party Pouches (an 18-ounce vodka mix) and, of course, their Pink AF Pancake Stack (and yes, they are very much all-pink).

485 7th Avenue; 212-368-0188 or

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