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Order is everything

Only dip your wand once. And always apply mascara to your top lashes first. That way the majority of the formula will be deposited there--and the remaining can glaze across your lower, smaller lashes. Too much goop from a separate pump and you’re asking for it to migrate to your under-eye skin.

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One tube does not always fit all

Think about it: Taking one product (say, a volumizing mascara) and expecting it to do two contradictory things (beefing up top fringe, while lightly coating the bottom hairs) doesn’t make sense, nor does it work usually. An alternative: Buy a cheapie tube for lower lashes--and those tiny, hard-to-reach hairs on the inner and outer corners.

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Apply a Waterproof Formula Below

Since this area is so close to your tear ducts, and you're possibly buying an aforementioned cheapie tube for your lower lashes anyway, make it a waterproof formula. Keep in mind that those tend to dry out faster so the three-month expiration rule is crucial to note here.

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Fan it out

Another option you could try: After applying mascara to your top lashes, swipe a small makeup brush (a fanned one works best) across the wand to lightly coat it with pigment. Then lay the brush flat against your lower lash line--as close to the root as possible--and paint outward.

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But leave the ends natural

While most people want their top lashes to look lush and fluttery, that’s not usually the case with the lower ones. To keep things light and bright on the bottom, apply mascara as instructed above but stop just short of the ends. This will prevent them from looking unnaturally long--or worse, clumpy.

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Shield your skin

Even with a steady hand, you may get a bit of ink under your eyes. To prevent this altogether, fashion yourself a mini shield using a spoon.

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Clean Up Mistakes with Moisturizer

Accidents (like poking your eye) and contact-lens malfunctions and seasonal allergies and Ryan Gosling movies happen. The next time you're a streaky mess, don't panic. You can salvage the rest of your makeup by skipping oil-based removers, dabbing a Q-tip in your moisturizer and spot-fixing any offending smudges.

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