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An Easy Way to Save Money on Razors

Razors: Can’t live with 'em, can’t live without 'em. As much as we love super-smooth legs, we’re not as in love with having to replace our blades every few weeks. (Especially at, like, $15 for four.) Luckily, we found a trick to extend your razor’s shelf life with something you already have: a hair dryer. Here’s the deal.

What you do: After a shower, rinse off your razor like normal. Then use a hair dryer to rid the blades of any and all water.

Why it works: Leftover H2O is one of the main reasons your blades dull so quickly. The water causes oxidation (read: rusting). 

What it’ll save you: There’s no hard and fast amount. However, this simple trick should extend the time between new razor purchases.

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