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A good mani is the cherry on top of any holiday dressing, and Independence Day is no exception. Whether you prefer a starry print or are ready to get creative with shapes, lines and jewels, here are 30 patriotic 4th of July nail art ideas to inspire your summer designs.

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1. Bedazzled Stars

Upgrade your basic mani with a fun 3D design. First, choose a base coat before dropping a small dot of nail glue or resin onto the area you want to place the star. Use tweezers to lay the it on top of the glue and press down for a few minutes. If you prefer gel, just place the gem, swipe on a clear gel and put your nails into your UV gel lamp to secure the design.

Get the design: Confetti stars ($7); Nail glue ($11); Base Coat ($18)

2. Negative Space

Don’t rely on just one color. Leave room for a clear base and incorporate lines or shapes for a minimalist yet chic look with two (or more!) colorful picks.

Get the design: Jinsoon red polish ($18); Jinsoon glitter polish ($18); Jinsoon white polish ($18)

3. Tonal Wabi Sabi

Trick the ombre effect by putting different shades of a single color on each nail from light to dark. For example, start with light rosy red on your pinky and end with a nice burgundy shade on the thumb.

Get the design: Marc Jacobs ($12); Nails Inc ($15); Chanel ($28)

4. Modern French

Switch up this classic by putting white at the base of the nail and red at the tip. You can even change the shape of the tip with striping tape or a brush to make it look even more custom.

Get the design: Orly french manicure white tip polish ($8); OPI blue polish ($10); Nail art tool kit ($12); Christian Louboutin red polish ($50)

5. White Moon Shape

This curvy design is a fun take on summer whites. Grab some stripping tape or a small brush to achieve the half-moon shape, and leaving enough space to make a few arches of varying widths on each finger.

Get the design: Nail art striper polish ($5)

6. Nude with Stars

Stars are a go-to pattern for this festive holiday, but they don’t have to feel run-of-the-mill. After applying a nude coat of polish or two, use a thin brush to draw stars in red, then again in blue. (Tip: To create the stars, make tiny triangles and connect them together. Here’s a tutorial.)

Get the design: Pacifica blue polish ($9); Red Carpet red polish ($10); Nail art liner brush ($10); Deborah Lippmann nude polish ($20)

7. Blue Squiggles

Straight lines are so 2019. Use a thin brush to create a ripple effect, and don’t worry about making it look “nice” as you create uneven dips and curves. The effect should be playful, not perfect.

Get the design: Nail art liner brush ($12); Base Coat blue polish ($20)

8. Bold Abstract

Similar to the above, this one uses blue as the base. Let your imagination run wild while making strokes, lines or whatever shape your heart desires.

Get the design: Base Coat white polish ($20); Christian Louboutin blue polish ($50)

9. Glittery Twinkle

Watch your nails sparkle...literally. Grab your favorite glitter polish and go to work on creating diamond-shaped patterns in varying sizes on bare nails, then finish with a clear top coat for extra shine.

Get the design: Glitter set ($14); Smith & Cult top coat ($18; $16)

10. Summer Treats

Channel everyone’s favorite summer treat with a nice nude topped with colorful sprinkles. Just reach for stripping tape and show off your sweet tooth with the final result.

Get the design: Sally Hansen nude polish ($6); Nail art liner brushes ($10)

11. Polka Dots

What better way to wear your cute polka dot summer dress than with a mani to match? A nail dotting tool, a toothpick or a bobby pin will do the trick. Dip the tool into your nail polish and start dotting it onto your nails.

Get the design: Essie cyan polish ($9); Duo design tool ($9); Essie red polish ($10)

12. Blue Glitter

Fireworks aren’t the only thing shimmering on the 4th. Find a glittery polish in a single shade that keeps your nails shining bright all day.

Get the design: Essie glitter polish ($7)

13. Red and Blue Stripes

Some good ‘ole nail tape or a very precise brush will help create clean, straight lines.

Get the design: Striping tape ($6); OPI blue polish ($10)

14. Colorful Confetti

Focus on the tip of the nail and use a dotting tool to make red, white and blue circles for a playful take on 4th of July confetti.

Get the design: Dotting tool ($10); Jinsoon red polish ($18); Jinsoon blue polish ($18); Jinsoon white polish ($18)

15. Geometric Shapes

Whether it's squares, triangles or a new shape entirely, nail tape can guide you as you turn your nails into a masterpiece. Watch the tutorial here.

Get the design: Nail art templates ($6); Jinsoon red polish ($18); Jinsoon blue polish ($18)

16. Star Stickers

If the thought of drawing freaks you out and jewels aren’t really your thing, stickers are a great alternative to get creative. Just peel the sticker off, apply it onto your nail and set with a topcoat. Have fun with the placement—sometimes it’s more interesting if every nail doesn’t match.

Get the design: Stickers ($7); Sally Hansen white polish ($7)

17. Outline Accents

Stay minimalistic and focus on the outer edges of your nails only, providing a splash color with an extra thin brush. You can even accentuate the borders with tiny “twinkling” white dots that will make people do a double-take.

Get the design: Essie blue polish ($9); Nail art polish ($27)

18. Captain America

Are you a big Marvel fan? Try a Cap-inspired look with the superhero's go-to shades. Watch the tutorial to see exactly how it's done.

Get the design: Urban Outfitters blue polish ($5); China Glaze white polish ($7); Fluide red polish ($15)

19. Patriotic Banners

Raise your flag nails up in the air with this adorable banner art. First, start with a bright blue base coat before doing small circle strokes to create the clouds. Once you're satisfied with your summer sky, draw a curved line and three small triangles. Finally, finish off with any designs inside the small flags.

Get the design: Ella+Mila bright blue polish ($10); CND white polish ($10); Nail art polish ($17)

20. Patterned Tips

Who said a french mani has to be simple? Step out of the box and play with patterns to create an artistic flag effect. We especially love the way this looks on round or almond-shaped nails, which you can create yourself at home using a file.

Get the design: Nail file ($10); Nail art stripping tools ($13)

21. Color Block Hearts

Hey, they’re not just for Valentine’s Day. Use a thin brush to outline the shape, then color it in with more polish. If you’re not comfortable with freehand, consider using paper, tape or even a bandaid to keep your lines clean. Watch the tutorial for more tips on this design.

Get the design: Stripping brush ($10); Nail art stencils ($10)

22. Statement Stars

It’s time to give one of your nails the spotlight. Whether it's the ring finger, pinkie or thumb, add a pattern or bold color to stand out all on its own.

Get the design: OPI blue polish ($10); Smith & Cult red polish ($18; $16); Essie white polish ($8)

23. Vertical Stripes

Upgrade the traditional flag design using a striping brush to create parallel lines of each color. Start by painting your entire nail red, then paint two white stripes. Use a deep blue to create an even thinner line to the right of each white stripe. As always, finish with a clear top coat to make your hard work last.

Get the design: Paris & Vine white polish ($6); Sally Hansen red polish ($10); Fluide blue polish ($15);

24. White Grid

Doesn’t this remind you of summer picnics, only more subtle? Draw vertical and horizontal lines across your nails on top of a clear base for a simplistic but stunning look. The key: Make sure your lines are evenly spaced.

Get the design: Stripping brush ($10); Base Coat white polish ($20)

25. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is everywhere right now, so why not continue the trend on your nails? Add a drop of red, white or blue polish into a bowl of cool water before adding a few drops of the next color, and then again with the last color. Grab a toothpick and swirl the polishes together until it looks like tie-dye. Finally, dip your nail into the polish and slowly lift it out to transfer the pattern onto your nail. If you have the patience for it, do all ten fingers! If not, one accent nail on each hand is just as trendy.

Get the design: Manicure sticks ($2); China Glaze blue polish ($7); Cirque Colors white polish ($12); Base Coat red polish ($20)

26. Pop Art Popsicle

Have a sweet tooth? Draw your fave summer treat on one nail (or all), making sure the lines are clean and the polka dots are uniform to really nail the pop art style. Here’s how to draw the cutest popsicle.

Get the design: OPI white polish ($10); Nail art tools ($11)

27. Mix and Match

Another take on the updated french, this design breaks even more rules by making every nail different.

Get the design: Sally Hansen blue polish ($10); CND white polish ($10); Dior red polish ($28)

28. Tri-Color Florals

Let summer flowers bloom...right onto your nails. Stickers, stamps or a drawing can be done to showcase the season’s florals, and creating them in red, white and blue keeps them on theme for the holiday. Check out this tutorial to design your very own flower.

Get the design: Nail stamp plates ($19)

29. Vivid Zigzags

Be bold and let your nails pop with bright blue and fiery red in a comic-like take on fireworks.

Get the design: OPI blue polish ($10); Christian Louboutin red polish ($50)

30. Variety Mix

Do you like polka dots, negative space or all of the above? Don't limit your palette—go ahead and combine different designs together. You might be surprised how cool it turns out.

Get the design: Dotting tool ($8); Sally Hansen blue polish ($10); NCLA red polish ($16)

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