Due for a Cut or Color? Here Are the Top 2021 Hair Trends to Consider Now

Pre-pandemic, we kept a fairly regular schedule of going to the salon for a fresh cut and color touchups. It was a luxury that was sorely missed during all the quarantine lockdowns.

Thankfully with the rollout of vaccines this year, salons have re-opened their doors and many eager clients have been going in for a refresh, which made us wonder: What are the most requested styles right now?

The team at Nova Arts Salon in Los Angeles share the top 12 hair trends they’re seeing in 2021, from summer into fall.

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1. Choppy Layers

“I’ve been hearing a lot from clients that they have been loving the extra length that not being in the salon for a year has given them, but they want some change,” says Chris Hill, a stylist at Nova Arts Salon. A simple way to switch things up without sacrificing too much length is to add more layers throughout.

2. 90s Inspired

Some well-placed layers can also change the entire shape of your cut. Plus, “it gives things a bit of a 90s grunge look to it,” adds Hill.

3. Layered Shortcuts

“On the opposite end of the spectrum, some clients have wanted to chop all the extra hair weight off of them and try something short and effortless,” says Hill. “Again, we’re keeping layers throughout so we’re opting for shaggier shortcuts.”

4. Going Blonde

“Lately, I find that people are either wanting a big transformation [like the blonde above] since their hair has been so stagnant for all of 2020—or they want something low maintenance,” explains Kelley Tang, a colorist at Nova Arts Salon.

5. Money Piece Highlights

“If you’re going for a more dramatic change but don’t want to commit to full-on color, you can just add a bright pop in the front, also known as ‘money piece’ highlights,” explains Tang.

6. Easy Maintenance Color

“If you want something low maintenance, ask for something more dimensional and not too much lighter than your natural base color,” advises Tang.

7. Airy Layers

“This year I have noticed more clients coming in for haircuts that allow their hair to stay long with soft layering and weight removal in the right places, so their hair is healthier and more manageable for them,” says Rachel Lee, a stylist at Nova Arts Salon.

8. Blunt Mid-length Cuts

“I have also noticed that more people are asking for haircuts that are blunt. It has varied from shoulder-length to mid-length, but the choppier ends lend an edge to an otherwise polished look,” explains Lee.

9. Warm-toned Hues

“I’m seeing more people embrace warmer tones, which makes their skin glow,” shares Chris Li, a colorist at Nova Arts Salon. “I believe this comes from wanting a more subtle look, as the pandemic has given our hair and skin some time to have a more natural moment with salons being closed for such a long period.”

10. All Shades Of Red

Speaking of warm tones, perhaps the most requested shade of the moment is red. Whether it’s an all-over ginger or a coppery balayage, the hue is going strong in 2021.

11. Soft Pink

“I’ve also been having fun with non-committal fashion colors like pink,” says Li. “It marks a reset for some people who have the need to feel a bigger change, a start of a new chapter,” he adds.

12. Hot Pink

And while some people prefer a soft wash of the rosy hue, others have been opting for a neon glow.

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