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If you’re anything like us, you’ve watched (well, devoured) all of Downton Abbey and Sherlock. What will sate your British-accent craving now? Here’s a list of our favo(u)rite shows from across the pond--all available on Netflix--to help you move on. (Though we’ll always love you, Matthew Crawley.)

“The Bletchley Circle”

A group of exceptional women who worked at Bletchley Park--the British code-breaking headquarters during WWII--reunite ten years later to solve a series of unsettling murders. It’s like an Imitation Game/Sherlock hybrid, sans Cumberbatch.

“Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond”

Sexy, mysterious and intriguing in the way only Bond can be, this miniseries captures the life of Ian Fleming, the man who created James Bond, and his wife, the original Bond girl. Martini not included.

island at war

“Island at War”

This miniseries, which features several actors from Downton and Game of Thrones fame, chronicles the German occupation of the Channel Islands during WWII and begs the question: What would you do if you fell in love with the enemy?

vicar of dibley

“The Vicar of Dibley”

The extremely outgoing Reverend Geraldine Granger is assigned to a stodgy conservative parish in Oxfordshire. Trouble and comedy inevitably ensue. Plus, it’s written by Richard Curtis, who penned Love Actually, Notting Hill and About Time.

“Death Comes To Pemberley”

Six years after their wedding, Elizabeth and Darcy are nestled in the marital bliss of Pemberley. And then…murder! (Cue thunderbolts.) Based on the P.D. James novel, this miniseries seamlessly combines Pride and Prejudice with Murder, She Wrote.

“Doc Martin”

Dr. Martin Ellingham, a surgeon from London, suddenly develops an intense phobia of blood. He up and leaves his surgical practice to become the general practitioner for a quirky little Cornish village. Think House but with more charm.

“Call The Midwife”

Welcome to life in the East End, the sketchy part of London during the late 1950s. Young women living in a convent hilariously, and sometimes tragically, navigate a new way of life in a setting stubbornly resistant to the changing times.

“North and South”

Based on the romantic novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South follows English southerner Margaret Hale as she’s forced to move her life to a strange industrial town in the north. This will-they-or-won’t-they romance between Margaret and the powerful mill owner John Thornton will have you on the edge of your seat. 

“Scrotal Recall”

Hear us out: This new series is hilarious, endearing and romantic. Dylan has just been told that he has an STD. Now he’s forced to contact every single woman he’s ever had sex with in order to tell them the news. See past the cheeky title and give this funny little story a shot.

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