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You’ve done pretty much everything in search of a better night’s sleep, from drinking tart cherry juice to meditating. But if those methods haven’t worked for you, consider the following workouts, all of which were found by a University of Pennsylvania study to promote healthy sleep habits. 

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woman running


When you’re stressed or feeling bogged down with negativity, a nice long run (we’re by no means talking marathon pace) can clear your mind and help you relax. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, a run tires you out without exhausting you, and puts you in a calm mind-set that’s conducive to restful sleep.

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workouts to sleep better walkin


If running isn’t quite your speed (sorry), we’d urge you to consider a post-dinner, evening walk. Though your heart certainly won’t be pumping as hard as it would if you were running, a leisurely walk still gets your blood flowing and aids in digestion after dinner.

workouts to sleep better yoga


So this is why we’re constantly falling asleep during Savasana. Certain types of yoga—as in, not intense power yoga or Bikram—are super relaxing. You could go to yoga classes, of course, but we like the idea of winding down for the day by lighting a candle and leading ourselves through a simple flow. If you’re not sure where to start, try these ten poses.

workouts to sleep better weight lifting

Weight Lifting

Lifting is one of those things that seems intimidating to the uninitiated. But trust us when we say that it really can work for just about anyone. Take CrossFit, for example: We’ve been in classes next to impossibly toned 20-year-olds as well as men and women well into their 70s—the workouts are totally scalable to your physical capabilities. We can’t promise you won’t be sore the next day, but at least you’ll have gotten in a great night's sleep.

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workouts to sleep better gardening


Does it count as a workout if you can wear Birkenstocks? According to the University of Pennsylvania study, yes. And if you think about it, gardening can be kind of like a strength-training workout, with all of the lifting and squatting and digging. In addition to promoting a good night’s sleep, gardening is meditative and you get a beautiful garden out of your efforts. Win-win-win.

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