All the Best Workout Gear to Help You Start 2018 on a Healthy Foot

A new year is almost upon us, and you are determined to make it your healthiest one ever. Or at the very least you are determined to actually get your money’s worth from that gym membership. Here are 11 things that will help motivate you to get your sweat on and stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Because going to the gym is always more fun when you have new gear to show off.

How to Stay Motivated When It’s Zero Degrees and You Really, Really Don’t Feel Like Working Out

sticky be socks for yoga running best fitness gear
Sticky Be Socks

A Pair Of Motivational Socks

Perfect for January 2 those days when you find yourself looking for any excuse at all to skip your workout sesh.

Sticky Be Socks ($16)

wear it to heart sports bra leggings fitness gear
Wear It To Heart

A Brand-new Sports Bra And Leggings Combo

Because who doesn't want to wear something new and sparkly? Bonus: The brand Wear It To Heart (or WITH, for short) is sustainably made with 99 percent fewer chemicals and using 85 percent less energy and water than typical clothing brands.

WITH sports bra ($54) and leggings ($72)

vi ai personal trainer headphones app best fitness gear

A Virtual Personal Trainer

Get a one-on-one session in no matter when or where you workout with the help of Vi, an A.I. personal trainer that guides you step by step through your workouts and actually learns and adjusts as you progress.  

Vi ($159)

gixo training app best fitness gear

A Mobile Group Class

If group sessions are more your thing, try signing up for a class through the app Gixo. People from all over the country can join in on a run, lifting or HIIT workout guided by a real, certified trainer who tracks your efforts through your phone and motivates you in real time along with your other classmates. And, because classes are offered across multiple time zones, you can jump in super early in the morning or crazy late at night.

Gixo (starting at $19 per month)

sundry sweatpants best fitness gear

Cozy Sweatpants For The Walk To The Gym

Let’s be real: There’s zero chance you’re even going leave the house, let alone get all the way to the gym if it means having to pile on tons of layers to fight freezing weather. These über-cozy sweats will keep you nice and warm when worn over leggings without adding a ton of bulk.

Sundry ($108)

sweaty betty velvet backpack gym bag best fitness gear
Sweaty Betty

A Chic Gym Bag

No neon colors or tacky nylon here! We would be more than excited to head to the locker room if it meant getting to show off this beauty. 

Sweaty Betty ($115)

no slip stay put workout headband jcrew new balance best fitness gear
J.Crew for New Balance

A Headband That Keeps Even The Peskiest Baby Hairs In Place

Sometimes even the smallest thing, like a loose piece of hair that just won’t stay out of your face, can throw you off balance. With no-slip silicone details on the inside and a wide band, this guy is guaranteed to keep everything in place and out of the way.

J.Crew ($15)

maria shireen hair tie bracelet bangle best fitness gear
Maria Shireen

And A Bracelet That Moonlights As A Hair-tie Holder

Speaking of hair, these glitzy bangles are actually designed to fit a hair elastic along that central groove so you can wear one around your wrist without looking like a teenager.  

Maria Shireen ($75 for a set of three)

new balance rose gold sneakers best fitness workout gear
New Balance

Cool New Kicks You Actually Want To Wear

Rose gold sneakers that aren’t just for show? Um, we’ll take five pairs, thanks. This gorgeous design from New Balance was designed for running, but the extra ankle support also helps stabilize you as you’re lifting weights or bouncing around at a boxing class.

New Balance ($65)

senita athletics phone pocket sports bra best fitness gear
Senita Athletics

A Sports Bra With A Pocket For Your Phone

This pretty number features a handy pocket right on the back to keep your phone securely in place. (Hey, you never know when you’ll need to Insta that group ride.)

Senita Athletics ($26)

omorovicza thermal cleansing balm face wash best post workout beauty products

A Cleansing Balm Gets Every Last Bit Of Sweat

If it’s good enough for The New York City Ballet, it’s good enough for us. (Seriously, the whole company uses the Omorovicza line.) This deep cleanser uses Hungarian Moor Mud to remove sweat, makeup (yes, even the waterproof stuff) and grime from your skin without stripping it of any essential oils or hydration. Now washing your face after a tough workout will feel like a literal spa treatment—and a reward for sticking to your resolutions.

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm ($110)



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