Everyone Has a Lust Language—What's Yours?

In case you missed it, lust languages are the new love languages. Well…not exactly, but they are trending. As a quick refresher, lust languages help us understand how we experience arousal. (Basically, your lust language is the primary way you’re turned on and provides insights into your turnoffs too.) 

Why is it important to know yours? Per the experts at sexual wellness site Delicto, being aware of your lust language can help boost your self-awareness in the bedroom, improve communication between you and your partner and give you a better understanding of what excites you—and why. Take this quiz to determine which of the four lust languages—romantic, harmonious, connected and primal—suits you best, then plan your next date night accordingly.

Every Zodiac Sign Has a Love Language—Here’s Yours


How do you feel about first dates?

I love them, are you kidding?

They’re not my favorite, honestly.


What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

Lacy lingerie

A romantic dinner out

A sweet love letter

Being relieved of laundry duties for a week


You feel happiest with your partner when you’re…

Working toward a common goal

Just hanging out together

Getting it on (wink wink)

Talking about how much you love each other


Thoughts on sexts?

Oh, absolutely.

Eh…not really my thing.


Pick a celebrity couple:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds