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What 2020 Means for Gemini

The New Year is upon us, and luckily for all signs, 2020 is shaping up to be a year of major abundance and growth. But this year for Gemini, in particular, is all about building solid foundations. It’s time to really dig in and figure out what you’re about. This will be a self-focused time of hard work that will take you into 2021 in a completely different place than when you started.

Love: Relationships come easier this year, so breathe a sigh of relief. Be on the lookout for a summer love that could develop into something more substantial, maybe even with someone a bit older than yourself. Stay open to new and interesting possibilities and they will arise for you!

Money: This year will be about growing your financial security and independence. As a result, you could face financial conflicts with those you care about as you break free and strike out a new course on your own. As your security develops later in the year, you’ll also have the opportunity to give back more substantially to causes that are meaningful to you.

Career: Geminis will take center stage at work this year, stepping into a more front-facing role in a new position. Expect to feel real satisfaction with your work life in 2020 and also to expand your knowledge and expertise in extremely valuable ways.

Health & Wellness: With all the career success you’ll be experiencing this year, you need to watch that you’re not putting a strain on your health. Maintain your physical checkups and make sure you’re going to the doctor as issues arise so that easily fixed ailments don’t spiral out of hand. There’s no shame in taking a sick day!

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