What 2020 Means for Cancer

For Cancers, the New Year will be 365 days of honoring yourself while also expanding your ability to help and heal others. Working through past events will propel you to new heights in a year that will be focused on reading, writing and honing your craft.

Love: This year’s big lesson will be all about learning to set boundaries. An abrupt upheaval in your romantic life will pose challenges in this very area. Don’t worry, this shift will be brief and followed by a period of increased fun, playfulness and adventure in your romantic partnerships. Enjoy it!

Money: Cancers will make great financial strides this year, but it will require increased focus and discipline. Get your spending under control and invest in some long-term financial commitments. Steer clear of mixing your finances with friends this year, as those partnerships could be messy and less than fruitful for both of you.

Career: 2020 will bring Cancer a confidence boost that will propel them to higher heights and attract new opportunities. This will also be a year of increased creative output for Cancer, so follow your instincts and keep in mind that career bumps met with humility will turn into valuable lessons before you know it.

Health & Wellness: Cancer’s hard work in this arena will start to pay off in summer when you’ll be literally glowing from the inside out. Don’t be surprised if people start asking for your wellness and beauty routines, as your glow-up will be instantly noticeable.

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