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What 2020 Means for Aries

It’s time to get that passport ready, rams, because this is going to be a year of travel, study and expanded horizons! 2020 brings professional and personal success for you, as this active and goal-oriented sign reaps the rewards of some good habits sowed in 2019.

Love: This year, Aries will be less focused on flings and more focused on finding deeper levels of intimacy, whether it be with someone they just met or a promising new acquaintance. Aries will find the ability to forge strong connections with current or future partners, particularly in the month of April when love-crazy Venus passes through your sign.

Money: Aries will find themselves getting more serious about money this year as they seek out a greater sense of security. Budgeting tools, financial advisers and investment apps will all be your friend this year as you look to develop more discipline in your financial practices across the board.

Career: This is the year a project or skill you’ve been keeping on the back burner comes to the forefront. This will be a high-energy year, with Saturn making you want to increase your focus on efficiency and time management. Later this year, an out-of-the-box new business opportunity could take your career in amazing new directions. Keep an eye out.

Health & Wellness: Fitness goals are not going to be at the forefront of Aries’ minds this year, as they’ll be more focused on professional growth and development. Try as best you can to stay connected to self-care practices, and when in doubt, connecting to nature is always a good way to revitalize your sign.

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