Your Weekly Horoscope: October 31 to November 6, 2021

The new moon in Scorpio on November 4th comes as a jolt to the system. This new moon is in exact opposition to Uranus, the planet of shock and awe. It’s uncomfortable but also inspiring, like that feeling you get after drinking a cold brew at 4 p.m. on a Sunday. Perhaps that caffeine hit was a mistake, but there’s no stopping the brain train now. With this burst of energy, changes that have been in the works since (at least) the new moon in Virgo on September 6 gain traction. Full speed ahead!

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th highlights your shared resources sector. You and the hubby have done nothing but argue about money lately and you might have to put a hefty chunk of your personal savings into an unexpected expense. Perhaps sharing a bank account isn’t working out like you’d hoped and what you need is more financial independence.

This week’s mantra: Take the money and run.

1 taurus

The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th brings you some much needed perspective on your approach to intimate relationships. Playing the dating game during the pandemic has been nothing short of a nightmare but this lunation allows you to banish the bad vibes of all those awkward outdoor dining dates. Get back up and try again.

This week’s mantra: Shake it up.

2 gemini

With your schedule constantly in flux, it’s been impossible for you to get into the flow of a new fitness routine. On the 4th, the new moon in Scorpio highlights your health sector. With surprising Uranus in the mix, you’re able to push some responsibilities off your plate so you can get back to your favorite Zoom Pilates class.

This week’s mantra: Health is wealth.

3 cancer

This week’s new moon in Scorpio on the 4th wants you to pick up that crochet project you abandoned back in September. Winter is coming and don’t you want to actually wear that scarf before it’s suddenly humid again? The more time you give yourself for your hobbies and creative projects, the more you’ll feel like yourself.

This week’s mantra: We are what we make.

4 leo

Problems that have been brewing at home or with your family escalate at the new moon in Scorpio on the 4th. An unexpected promotion at work means you won’t be able to take any time off for the holidays and your sister (who’s still mad that you skipped last Christmas) is icing you out on the family group text. Take a break from the guilt trip and reach out to the people who want to celebrate you.

This week’s mantra: No drama.

5 virgo

Implementing a new schedule in the office or at home with your kids proves challenging this week. The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th highlights just how hectic your days have become. Maybe that meeting really can be an email. Maybe you can find a kids’ music class closer to town. You have so many goals (and you may even be hit with inspiration for a new project this week), but you need to focus on one thing at a time.

This week’s mantra: Do less.

6 libra

The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th highlights your personal finance sector. If you’ve been feeling like you’re barely scraping by money-wise, this is an opportune time to assess your budget and get serious about building wealth. This new moon opposes surprising Uranus and could bring an unexpected gift or inheritance to settle a debt. There’s no shame in accepting help.

This week’s mantra: “I am so rich!”

7 scorpio

Think of the new moon on the 4th as your personal glow up. Though this lunation could bring a major shakeup to an important relationship in your life—whether that’s a break, a breakup, or a change in dynamics—you have the opportunity to prioritize yourself. When was the last time you put yourself first? Choose your own happiness.

This week’s mantra: “I’m worth it.”

8 sagittarius

The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th falls in your unconscious sector. Though this would usually be your chance to take an extra-long weekend and get some rest, your attempts to slow down might be interrupted. How can you resolve the daily annoyances that keep you from relaxing once and for all?

This week’s mantra: I deserve some R&R.


Does your group text make you laugh? Does your book club bring you joy? Do you actually look forward to those Succession viewing parties? The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th falls in your friendship sector and could make or break some of your social connections. Remember: It’s 2021, and you don’t have to spend time with anyone who gives you agita.

This week’s mantra: Life is better with (good) friends.

10 aquarius

What if you could restructure your life from the ground up? Where would you begin? The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th plants the seed of an idea for a radical change in your career or life goals. You’ve always been jealous of your freelancing bestie who can work from anywhere. Or maybe the rat race you’ve been running isn’t as for you as you thought? What if you made moves to make the life that you actually want for yourself? Changes in not only what you do but where you do it are on the horizon.

This week’s mantra: What if it wasn’t just a dream?

11 pisces

Could your roommate be any more annoying? Between the kitchen experiments, the messy cat litter and the unpaid utility bills, everything in your immediate environment is feeling extra chaotic this week. The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th falls in your travel sector, reminding you just how desperate you are for a vacation. If a trip is out of your budget right now, it’s a good week to get lost in a book to decompress.

This week’s mantra: Escape is attainable.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...