Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 21 to 27, 2021

Aries season really picks up this week as love planet Venus enters the fiery sign of the ram on the 21st. While Venus wants to compromise, Aries wants to win. But pushing something that’s falling apart isn’t the answer either. On the 26th, Venus conjoins the sun, a once-a-year astrological event that resets all things Venusian (that’s love, money and connection). This is a transit that gets us out of our rut and over that frustrating “situationship.” Overall, the energy is chaotic, and arguments could get explosive this week, but we’ll hopefully walk away without the baggage.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

As much as you want to enjoy your birthday in relative peace, you find yourself in a pretty dramatic fight with a close friend who won’t stop judging your romantic choices. Yes, you’ve held onto this relationship that’s going nowhere for way too long, but that’s your business! Venus meeting up with the sun on the 26th helps you realign your self-image and get clear on what it is you really want.

This week’s mantra: Haters gonna hate.

1 taurus

This week’s chaotic vibes could have you feeling especially lost or unmoored. Venus—your ruling planet—moves into your unconscious sector on the 21st, leaving you disconnected from your desires. How are you supposed to figure out what you want when everything is out of reach? Instead of pushing yourself, try doing less instead—especially on the 26th. Whether it’s taking a personal day from the home office or having your partner handle the household chores, allow yourself to check out and relax.

This week’s mantra: Awareness is mindfulness.

2 gemini

Though you’re usually OK with your fair share of tumultuous energy, this week is a bit extreme even for you. The thing that’s most apparent is that in order to regulate your own chaos, you need to be surrounding yourself with the right people. Perhaps it’s time to adjust the quarantine pod or make an effort to check in with grounding friends who’ve grown distant over the last year. By reducing your social commitments, you can show up more for yourself.

This week’s mantra: You are who surrounds you.

3 cancer

Venus meets the sun on the 26th in your public image sector, making this a prime moment to reevaluate your career goals. If it feels like everything’s up in the air, that’s because it is. Maybe you’ve been considering going back to school but thought it was too crazy of an idea. Maybe you’re ready to take on more responsibility at your current job but don’t know who to ask. This week, take a big leap toward what you really want. It’s only the beginning!

This week’s mantra: You deserve the power.

4 leo

All you want is to get lost in a long novel, binge an entire series on Netflix or teach yourself how to make sushi from scratch. But a dramatic situation with your coworkers or in your quarantine pod keeps you from that desired escapism. With Venus entering the heart of the sun on the 26th, you have a chance to set some realistic goals for both study and travel in the year ahead. It’s time to refresh your sense of adventure.

This week’s mantra: Keep exploring!

5 virgo

Responsibilities pile up for you this week, Virgo, as both your partner and your boss need a ton of your attention. But are you really in a solid position to help? You had to let something go last year—and whether it was the death of a family member, loss of a job or move out of state—you never got the chance to mourn. As Venus meets the sun on the 26th, let everyone know that you need some space to face your demons.

This week’s mantra: Let it all out.

6 libra

Your ruling planet, Venus, enters your partnership sector on the 21st and whether you’re single or taken, you can’t help but focus on your one-on-one relationships. If you’ve felt like the romance in your LTR has needed a major refresh, this week’s energy lets you fall in love all over again. With Venus meeting the sun on the 26th, plan a date night that gives you butterflies like the very first time.

This week’s mantra: Go back to the beginning.

7 scorpio

This week could really throw you for a loop, Scorpio, so do what you can to stay grounded and hydrated. Your ruling planet, Mars, makes a supportive connection with steady Saturn on the 21st which gives you the energy you need to make a tough decision about your family or living situation. Whether it’s confronting your sister about her lax attitude during the pandemic or telling your toxic roommate that you’re moving out, get it all off your chest now.

This week’s mantra: You can’t get away if you’re carrying all that baggage.

8 sagittarius

Venus enters your pleasure sector on the 21st, dear Sagittarius. So even though things might be going haywire this week, you at least have an exciting date on the horizon! The love planet meeting the sun on the 26th offers a total refresh for your romantic life where you finally get to take charge of your own desires. You’re also feeling super creative and inspired so remember to write down all of your artistic visions!

This week’s mantra: Don’t feel guilty for feeling good!


Things are extremely busy for you this week, Capricorn, but not in the way that you expect. Everyone else seems to be having office drama or trouble in their relationship, but you’re just caught in the middle of a million DIY projects at home. Whether you’re setting up a nursery for a new baby or installing the home lighting system of your dreams, your house is getting all of your attention. Remember to take a rest and admire what you’ve accomplished.

This week’s mantra: Not everything is about work.

10 aquarius

Though you’re usually the friend who stays far away from the drama, you’re pulled into a messy situation this week that ends up wasting a lot of your time. Whether it’s an on again off again hookup buddy coming out of the woodwork or an argument with another mom at your kid’s daycare, you’re feeling pretty petty—especially around the 26th. Luckily the situation blows over as quickly as it arrives but not without doing quite a bit of damage.

This week’s mantra: You can’t prepare for every storm.

11 pisces

Whether you’re frantically packing to move in with your partner or selling all of your unwanted furniture on Craigslist for extra cash (or both), this week brings the chaos straight to your front door. Even if it’s just the loud upstairs neighbors having another blowout fight, you’re sadly unable to get any peace. With Venus meeting the sun on the 26th though, you can find some relief in retail therapy. Give up your strict budget—at least for a day—and treat yourself.

This week’s mantra: Sometimes, you can buy happiness.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...