Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 20 to 26, 2022

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the astrological new year! We’re shedding the hazy fantasies of Pisces for the bold, forward motion of Aries season. Happy birthday to our adventurous, impulsive and occasionally hotheaded rams. Think: Aries Cynthia Nixon as both the ambitious and righteous Miranda Hobbes of Sex and the City and the spontaneous midlife crisis Miranda Hobbes of And Just Like That… We love you when you’re kicking ass and we love you when you’re messy, Aries!

Meanwhile, Mercury, still in imaginative Pisces, connects with Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto throughout the week encouraging big-picture thinking, deep conversations and creative problem solving. Unexpected shifts come on the 22nd when Mars squares off with innovative Uranus halting plans and forcing us to change direction. Embrace the blessing of switching things up!

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign too will provide further insight.)

12 aries

Your season is finally here, Aries, and it couldn’t have come soon enough! After the last few weeks of endless background work and drudgery, now’s your time to step into the spotlight. The sun is lighting up the part of your chart that deals with your identity and self-expression, so shoot your shot and don’t shy away from that bold red lip. Choosing yourself might make some lesser friends or coworkers jealous, but the people who really have your back always want you to shine.

This week’s mantra: “I was born to be seen!”

1 taurus

Though the shift into Aries season heats things up for most everyone else, for you, this upcoming month is a retreat. As the sun moves into your unconscious sector, you’re concerned with getting things organized behind the scenes and shamelessly taking time away from the grind. Creative juices are also flowing this week, so block off a few hours in your schedule for daydreaming, journaling and getting back into that knitting project you abandoned after lockdown.

This week’s mantra: “When I release, I come into my flow.”

2 gemini

The sun moves into Aries on the 20th, lighting up your social sector and getting you excited for all the connections you’re going to make this spring. Pisces season was for getting clear on some career or personal goals, and now it’s time to find the friends who are going to help you achieve what you set out to do. What could you accomplish if you allowed your dreams to have no limitations? You might be surprised by how easy it is to get everything you want.

This week’s mantra: “My creativity has no bounds.”

3 cancer

It’s your time to shine, Cancer! The sun moves into Aries, and your reputation sector on the 20th boosting your visibility and getting you excited about making career moves. Though much of this year so far may have felt like a failure to launch, in the next few weeks, you’ll see the seeds you planted back in January finally taking root. You may also be inspired to sign up for a continuing education course or get back into Duolingo as Mercury connects with expansive Jupiter on the 21st.

This week’s mantra: “My life is about to blossom.”

4 leo

Aries season begins on the 20th inspiring wanderlust and invigorating your desire to learn. Projects you started back at the beginning of the year start to take shape and reveal their higher purpose this week. All of that plotting wasn’t for naught! Then as Mercury connects with Jupiter on the 21st, you find generous funding for a trip or business venture. The only snag in the week arrives as Mars squares off with Uranus on the 22nd stoking tensions with a roommate or partner over necessary changes in your living space.

This week’s mantra: “I’m excited to learn!”

5 virgo

You’re still reeling from last week’s full moon in your sign, feeling refreshed and ready to unleash your ideas into the world. As the sun shifts into Aries on the 20th though, you’re reminded that no matter how confident you are, progress can’t be made alone. Luckily, your lover, BFF or business partner is available to help you through the birthing process of your brilliant idea. For the next few weeks, you have the opportunity to consider what’s worth going into debt—whether that’s a financial debt or an energetic one.

This week’s mantra: “Change requires sacrifice.”

6 libra

The spring equinox ushers in Aries season on the 20th, lighting up the part of your chart that deals with relationships, negotiations and all the ways you connect with others. If you’re looking for love, to deepen your friendships or to find a business partner, the next few weeks provide ample opportunity to call in what you want. Be careful about overspending or overexerting yourself on the 22nd though as Mars squares off with Uranus. Remember: What’s meant for you should arrive with ease.

This week’s mantra: “What’s meant for me is easy, lucky and free.”

7 scorpio

After a dreamy and romantic Pisces season, the sun’s shift into Aries on the 20th means it’s time for you to get back to work. The next few weeks light up the part of your chart that rules the daily grind and rewarding routines, and you might be surprised how a little bit of discipline can radically change your outlook. Major changes are on the horizon for your partnerships and your home life. Get back to basics so you can face these upcoming curve balls with a sturdier foundation.

This week’s mantra: “Everyday is a gift when I love what I do.”

8 sagittarius

The sun glides into Aries on the 20th, ushering in the most creative and romantic season of the year for you, Sagittarius. Time to get flirty! Then on the 21st, communication planet Mercury meets your ruling planet Jupiter in your home sector allowing you and your partner or BFF to see eye to eye on an issue that’s been keeping you apart. There’s been so much to be frustrated about this year but this week, you’re able to reclaim that legendary optimism.

This week’s mantra: “I find freedom in clarity.”


Whether you’re moving houses, planting your garden or planning a trip to visit family out of town, this week’s astrology has you getting back to your roots. The sun moves into Aries on the 20th lighting up the part of your chart that deals with home, family and foundations. Your private sphere is meant to be a busy, stimulating place. What tiny changes can you make this week to release stagnant energy and keep things flowing? A visit to a new restaurant, coffee shop or gallery in your neighborhood also stirs your creativity this week.

This week’s mantra: “I find stability in the flow.”

10 aquarius

The sun’s shift into Aries on the 20th reinvigorates your communications, giving a much-needed boost to your friendships and local connections. If you’ve been wanting to get ahead on a project or pick up a new skill (like finally teaching yourself Photoshop—“for your resumé!”)—then this transit encourages your practice, animating both your sense of adventure and attention to detail. Sudden bursts of creative inspiration arrive as Mars squares off with Uranus on the 22nd easing the transition into your next phase.

This week’s mantra: “A little bit everyday goes a long way.”

11 pisces

Happy spring equinox, Pisces! Though your season has come to an end, there’s still so much to celebrate this week. Aries season (from the 20th) brings opportunity for you to focus on your abundance whether that’s increasing your wealth, boosting your self-esteem or stepping away from draining relationships. On the 21st, Mercury meets up with Jupiter in your sign signaling an auspicious moment for connecting with your partner or putting yourself out there for a career opportunity. What you have to say is important, even if it’s unconventional.

This week’s mantra: “I’m worth it!”

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more musings on the stars.



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