These Videos Make It Easy to Finally Learn How to Knit

learn how to knit

If you've been hunting for a new way to keep your hands busy (you know, other than scrolling through your cousin's BFF's ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's Instagram), good old-fashioned knitting might just be your new favorite hobby. And thanks to We Are Knitters, learning how to cast on, stitch and finish is easier than ever.

The knit-obsessed company, which sells yarn, needles and all your other knitting needs, has a landing page with clear, in-depth videos demonstrating the most basic skills, like learning how to even begin a new knitting project, up through advanced methods, like the jacquard technique, used to make all sorts of different designs. There are also videos with lessons on how to crochet and petit point (a form of embroidery that works on a perforated canvas), if those are more your speed.

We Are Knitters is also offering tutorials on Instagram Live (the next two are on Saturday—an intro to knitting—and Sunday—one on crocheting—at 12 p.m. EST), giving you the opportunity to ask any questions as you follow along with the instructor. Still not quite sure what you want to make? A hat? A tote bag? A stuffed llama friend? There are lots of free patterns available for you to pick and choose from.

Once you get the hang of it, your hands can start to loop, rib, slip and cross stitch while your eyes enjoy yet another viewing of The Office, only this time you'll actually feel productive after your binge sesh.