Your Weekly Horoscopes: February 28 to March 6, 2021

March comes in like a sweet little lamb as—astrologically speaking. This is the chillest week we’ve had since 2019. On the 3rd, action planet Mars leaves slow and steady Taurus for quick-witted Gemini. Mars is how we chase our desires and in Gemini, we take the intellectual route. No wonder singers known for their sharp wordplay like Lily Allen, Joni Mitchell and Courtney Love have this placement. Now’s the time to embrace curiosity and impress a crush with our wit.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

11 pisces

Like it or not, big shifts in your home and family structure are on the horizon as Mars moves into Gemini on the 3rd. Whether you’re signing a lease or planning your sister’s COVID-safe après bachelorette, there’s a lot of negotiating that needs to be done. Luckily with Venus in your sign, you’re likely to get what you want from any compromise. Change is inevitable right now, so rather than clinging to the past (which only leaves you hurt), keep imagining your ideal future.

This week’s mantra: Change is the only constant.

12 aries

Whether it’s an overflowing inbox, ongoing car troubles or relentless phone calls from your sister, you’ve been feeling paralyzed by a problem you don’t know how to solve. But with your ruling planet Mars now in bubbly Gemini, the solution might be taking yourself less seriously. Forget the overwhelming nature of it all and just wing it. Delete the emails! Have the conversation! Let it be. And let’s be real, your ability to laugh at yourself—and flirt with the mechanic—gets you a hefty discount on that car repair.

This week’s mantra: We’re all making it up as we go along.

1 taurus

Mars leaves your sign on the 3rd, and after six weeks of feeling extremely aggro (yet unable to really express yourself), this comes as a huge relief. No longer fighting to get everyone’s attention, a random coworker even compliments your unique perspective after a team Zoom meeting. Now you have to consider whether your work is really in alignment with your values. This isn’t just about making more money—though that would of course be great—but also about only agreeing to opportunities that keep you curious. Start considering some creative ways to expand your income stream.

This week’s mantra: On to the next!

2 gemini

Mars enters your sign on the 3rd and has you wanting to totally change up your appearance. Though this inspiration pulls you out of your seasonal depression, consider the consequences before doing anything too extreme. Rather than going full Hilary Duff and dying your hair blue out of boredom, try switching up your skincare routine. Falling down the rabbit hole of esthetician YouTube channels and scouring the web for the best deals on vegan retinoids is more than enough to keep you entertained.

This week’s mantra: Avoid extremes.

3 cancer

Mars moves into Gemini and your unconscious sector on the 3rd, which tbh, could be a sign of some incoming mental anguish. You thought you were already anxious, but now you’re stressing over every tiny detail. Did you sign off that email with “All my best!” or was it “xo”? And does the customer service agent hate you now for using too many exclamation points? Now more than ever, it’s imperative that you get into some kind of meditation routine. Even starting with five minutes a day helps you calm down and (ever so briefly) shut your brain off. Or at least try some calming magnesium supplement.

This week’s mantra: Don’t sweat the small stuff.

4 leo

Mars shifts into Gemini and your friendship sector on the 3rd generally lightening the mood and giving you the opportunity to pass off some responsibilities. Mars brings the heat and for the next few weeks, you should put that fire into catching up with your BFFs, volunteering with community mutual aid or working on a local political campaign. Your charisma is undeniable right now, and you have the power to get even your grumpiest neighbors, friends and coworkers involved. Don’t be shy about sharing what you’re passionate about.

This week’s mantra: Be the example.

5 virgo

Your discomfort at work is palpable—especially to your boss—and if you don’t quit, you might be forced out as Mars moves into your career sector on the 3rd. If things aren’t feeling quite this dramatic, this cosmic shift could also speak to taking on more challenging projects or getting a new supervisor who’s on the same page with you. It’s a good time to work amongst friends. You have everyone’s attention right now so be sure you really mean what you say. One flippant remark or hasty email could make an unfortunate splash.

This week’s mantra: You can handle the pressure.

6 libra

Action planet Mars’s shift into Gemini on the 3rd has you feeling hungry for knowledge. You’re scrolling through online poetry courses, considering yoga teacher training and downloading DuoLingo so you can finally learn Mandarin. You want to know it all! But before you throw your precious time—and a whole lot of money—at a bunch of classes that you don’t have time to finish, consult a trusted mentor or friend about what skills are worth cultivating. Their answer might surprise you.

This week’s mantra: You can’t learn everything at once.

7 scorpio

Though it’s good news for your interpersonal relationships when Mars moves into Gemini (and out of your partnership sector) on the 3rd, you now have to face some financial skeletons that you’d rather avoid. Last year’s taxes aren’t going to do themselves and your credit card bill is never going down if you’re only paying the minimums. You have the energy now to start rectifying the situation though so consult an accountant or financially savvy friend about how to get started.

This week’s mantra: Paying down debts is good for your skin.

8 sagittarius

Whether you’re partnered or single, Mars’s shift into Gemini (and your relationship sector) on the 3rd puts you in a place of compare and despair. Why does everyone else’s life seem better than yours? And why can’t you stop looking at the highlights reel on Instagram? It’s best to tame this energy through nurturing relationships that help you connect with your inner child. If you’re feeling the urge to doom scroll, call your BFF instead. Laughter beats the comparison trap.

This week’s mantra: Don’t get lost in someone else’s life.


With Mars moving into Gemini on the 3rd, you want to be up in the gym working on your fitness, but it’s not necessarily possible. The sedentary lifestyle you’ve been in since quarantine began has finally gotten to you and it’s time for some fresh routines. To set yourself up for success, you have to get over the initial sticker shock and invest in some solid home gym equipment—Treadly, Mirror or Peloton alternative might be just right for you. It feels better to sweat with a high-quality yoga mat, fancy wrist weights or even a trampoline to make those bounce class dreams come true.

This week’s mantra: Invest in your sweat.

10 aquarius

When’s the last time you let yourself fall deep into a crush? Mars moves into Gemini and your pleasure sector on the 3rd—a transit that both increases your libido and reminds you that dating is supposed to be fun. Instead of worrying about whether or not that guy you’re messaging on Hinge is your future husband, let yourself feel all the butterflies. Flirt like you’re a teenager on AIM again! On the 4th especially, seize the energy to hook someone with your top-notch wordplay.

This week’s mantra: Dating is a game.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...