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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 22 to 28, 2019

The holidays are here and so is eclipse season! On the 25th, there is a solar eclipse—an extra-powerful new moon—in our wise earth sign, Capricorn. Usually, new moons are all about setting intentions, but a solar eclipse is all about letting go. This lunation, and one that follows on January 10, closes out a cycle that began in July 2018. Whether it’s finally leaving a soul-sucking job, calling a truce in a family battle or simply cleaning out the overflowing bathroom cabinet, it’s time to set our boundaries and open our hearts. Happy holidays!

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

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All year, you have been doing the difficult work of really showing up for yourself. You’ve developed a bedtime and a time-consuming skin care regimen and you’ve completely given up sugar. But at the solar eclipse on the 25th, lingering bad habits reveal themselves. Indulge carefully. How can you celebrate while respecting your limits? On the 28th, communication planet Mercury glides into your sign, and ideas you’ve been mulling over for the past month are finally ready to be expressed. It’s time to put your thoughts into action.

10 Aquarius  

With Venus traveling through your sign since last week, you are doing a lot of shopping for yourself. On the 22nd, pick out a new outfit or perfume that elevates your usual taste. Splurge a little. Take a risk! At the solar eclipse on the 25th, whether it’s feeling lonely at your boyfriend’s family gathering or frustrated that some gifts didn’t arrive, things feel distinctly out of your control. Put on that glam outfit or unique signature scent to keep yourself grounded. Show up for yourself.

11 Pisces  

Whether your kids wanted something that doesn’t end up under the tree or your hubby missed the memo and Santa brings you something hideous, a major bubble gets burst at the solar eclipse on the 25th. It’s an important lesson about being specific about your dreams and wishes. Say what you want. On the 27th, you have an opportunity to start over with friends. Who do you want surrounding you? Who best supports your goals? Make community a priority for 2020 and don’t look back.

12 Aries  

What have you sacrificed for your career? An off-the-cuff comment or mistakenly cc’ed email from a coworker on the 22nd makes what needs to change about your work/life balance abundantly clear. On the 25th, whether it’s endless questions from relatives about your recent promotion or feeling pressure to perform at dinner with your boyfriend’s family, all eyes are on you. To ease the anxiety, remember that a year ago, you couldn’t answer most of their questions. Be grateful for the definition.

1 Taurus  

Do something unexpected on the 22nd. You’re changing, and fabulously so. Let your personality shine! Just because you’ve always made the latkes a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to make them like that this year. Throw some salsa verde on them! Express yourself. Your beliefs are challenged at the solar eclipse on the 25th. In pursuit of your dreams, you must leave behind some people and places that matter. Remember, you can’t live inside a memory. It’s OK to visit, but you’re ready to move on.

2 Gemini  

Try as you might to be jolly during this week’s holiday festivities, at the solar eclipse on the 25th, you can’t help but see every beautifully wrapped gift and decadent pomegranate cocktail as a line item on your future credit card bill. On the 28th, your ruling planet, Mercury, joins the party in Capricorn. This is an opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty details of what you owe, so balance the checkbook and get real about January’s budget. There are better investments in the stars for next year.

3 Cancer  

Everything for you this holiday season has been about relationships. What’s working and what needs work? The solar eclipse on the 25th summons a Christmas breakup. It’s time to cut ties with that demanding client or say goodbye to a draining romance. Don’t stay for dessert at his aunt’s house. Just leave. Luckily, on the 27th, there’s an opportunity for a fresh start with the relationships that are meant to last. Make a plan with your beloved for the future. What do you want to create together?

4 Leo  

You were so excited to host your family for the holidays this year, but it has been far more stressful than expected. On the 24th, seize the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle (and your flawless mashed potatoes) before you have to clean it up. Because at the solar eclipse on the 25th, you’re Cinderella after the ball. Dishes must be done, expensive wrapping paper must be thrown away and 1,000-piece Lego sets must be set up. Treasure everyone else’s smile as you pick up the pieces.

5 Virgo  

You’ve been feeling a bit like Scrooge this year, so at the solar eclipse on the 25th, get your groove back by focusing completely on your kids. Go the extra mile with the Santa performance or go wild decorating those sugar cookies. On the 28th, Mercury enters Capricorn and you are consumed with the details of your New Year’s plans. Your BFF forgot to rent the cabin upstate and your favorite bar has a ridiculous cover. Get creative with your problem solving. You love to save the day.

6 Libra  

With the solar eclipse occurring in your house of home and family, spending time with your relatives is not going to be breezy this holiday season. That’s why you should spend the 22nd luxuriating in a holiday tradition that’s just for you. Watch your favorite Christmas movie and make that delicious hot cocoa that doesn’t fit anyone else’s diet. On the 25th, brace yourself for an argument or the reveal of a hidden family secret. Whatever it is, don’t look away. It’s a relief to speak your piece.

7 Scorpio  

In the transportation nightmare of the holiday season, you get lucky with an easy trip on the 22nd, so blast your favorite tunes and stop as much as you want for snacks. The solar eclipse on the 25th, for you, is about opening up to new traditions. Does it feel different now that your sister has a baby? Have you finally grown out of grabbing drinks with those acquaintances from high school? Don’t hold on for nostalgia’s sake. Take control of your own environment.

8 Sagittarius  

Don’t be hard on yourself about not giving as much as you want this holiday season, dear Sagittarius. No one expects you to go into debt to get them a present. At the solar eclipse on the 25th, you must face some harsh fiscal truths. Are you spending your cash where it’s appreciated? Luckily, on the 27th, you have an opportunity to hit the reset button on your personal finances. You’ve been taking your earning potential more seriously, and it’s finally showing. Next year is all about the ROI.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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