Your Weekly Horoscopes: August 5 to 11

This week ends with a glorious solar eclipse in Leo, gifting us with good luck in all we do and harmony with those around us. Kumbaya AF. It’s a sweet reminder to appreciate that it’s still summer, and if we haven’t been to the beach once yet (it can’t just be me…), it’s time to get on it!

Remember to read for your rising sign as that tells you which area of your life is affected by your horoscope!

4 leo

Be a little bit careful about power struggles this week, Leo. Sure, you're amazing and brilliant and know where to get the best gelato (as opposed to the sell-out place with the line around the block that uses artificial flavoring!). But hey, there’s lots of intelligence to go around. So, let your friends share in the decision-making this week. Celebrate your own good taste by giving in to them once in a while—and hey, you’d never turn down a scoop of strawberry gelato, even if it is the artificial flavor.

5 virgo

To the spa with you, Virgo! Truly, you've been on overdrive (even for you), and trust me, work will still be there if you take a day or two to not only catch up on sleep but actually pamper yourself a little. Admit it: A sensory deprivation tank sounds amazing right now. Make that appointment. You’ll be happy you did.

6 libra

When the universe calls on you to be social, you have to answer, right? Libras adore parties and good conversation, anyway, and this week, it feels like everyone wants to hang: Your sister wants to get dinner, your book club is planning a brunch, your old roommate’s in town and wants to get sushi, and your co-worker’s fiancé’s mediocre band with the mysterious drummer is playing on Friday…). Just don't double-book yourself, or else you’ll miss a very fun rendezvous with the aforementioned drummer.

7 scorpio

Run with your ambitions, Scorpio, because you may get lucky this week. Sure, it might be scary to cold-email that super-intimidating CMO you met at that networking event, but if you follow best practices for asking someone to coffee (remember to be up-front about why you want to meet and have your résumé/CV/portfolio/website/rhythmic gymnastics routine at the ready), you might just spark a connection that could lead somewhere big down the line. Hey! Snap out of it. No dreams about your future The Wing membership until you lay the groundwork. And psst: Read what you wrote backward before you send. Trust me.

8 sagittarius

If you’re taking a long trip, whether for work or pleasure (or both!), this is not the week to wing it. Sure, you may think you’ve mastered packing in under an hour, but you don’t want to find yourself stranded at LAX for an extra day without an adequate supply of underwear. Mercury’s in retrograde, Sagittarius. Don’t be a hero. Pack. Extra. Underwear. (Thank me later.)


You’re practical, Capricorn, and hey, the second quarter has long since wrapped, and you might be thinking, What’s my financial outlook for the second half of the year? Whatever your investment strategy may be (maybe it’s letting the cash pile up in your Venmo account; maybe it’s spare coins in a mason jar...), this is the time to tend to it—sing to your CapitalOne360 savings account like it’s a plant that needs oxygen—and make sure that all of your monies are in high-growth mode (your natural state).

10 aquarius

What a week for you! You and your significant other are gearing up to make some kind of major commitment (and if you're getting engaged, I'm calling it now!). Or, in less romantic news, this star-crossed merger might be between you and a colleague deciding to forge a joint venture together. Watch out for Mercury in retrograde when you iron out the details, but cheer up: You are about to be happily partnered up.

11 pisces

Phew, you've been hustling just to keep up at work, with project after project popping up like some demented game of Whac-a-Mole. This week you'll finally see that summer slowdown we were promised (yeah, you kinda got ripped off there re: summer fun). That means this week is just about enjoying a warm-weather excursion (alpaca Airbnb, anyone?), but it also means jumping through fewer hoops to get some well-earned attention. Pat yourself on the back, Pisces.

12 aries

You’re feeling quite amorous, Aries, so if you’re in a relationship, ramp up the romance. Aries love to woo (you're a ram in war and love), and you’ll be in your element charming your significant other with flowers, chocolates, blah blah blah—those sound boring, eh? This week is calling for something extra to match your libido for flirting, like rock climbing or oyster shucking. Look around you, Aries: the world is your aphrodisiac.

1 taurus

While you're naturally a homebody, Taurus, this week you're a domestic goddess channeling some Martha-Gwyneth energy. Dust off that Vitamix and make that chilled spiced carrot and lime soup everyone goes nuts for (the freshly ground cumin makes it). Then invite a few close friends over because one doesn't buy cream hydrangeas for no one to gawk at, now do they?

2 gemini

Talkative Gemini, your wit is on fire this week. While you always possess an enviable gift for gab, put it to good use, helping your sister negotiate with her landlord (it's technically in the lease that he has to fix the AC…) or consult your friend on how to craft that delicate apology text (Casey, she meant to say your BF was classy, not bougie). No matter what the issue, you're the fairy of goddess of good words this week, Gem.

3 cancer

The VIPs at work are taking note that you've been stepping it up and kicking ass this summer. Grab the crustacean by the claws and put some time on your manager’s schedule: You’re asking for a raise, babe. And uh, don’t be surprised if they tell you they already had one in the works. (Cha-ching.) But also don’t be surprised if your “raise” is more of promotion. Do not fall for that better title/same salary baloney. Fight for your cause; it’ll be worth it.

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