The Best Engagement Rings Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Choosing an engagement ring is a big—hopefully lifelong—decision. You could pick based on what your friends have (or don’t have), what’s the most practical for your day-to-day or what matches your wardrobe. Or, you could look to the stars and let your zodiac sign choose for you. Here’s the best engagement rings based on zodiac sign.

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diamond in the rough engagement ring
Diamond in the Rough

Aquarius (january 20 - February 18): Rough Cut

You’re original, independent and, uh, what’s the opposite of boring? To match your eccentric personality, opt for a rough cut stone, which is as unique and unpredictable as you are (meaning, it looks totally different from every single angle).

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harry winston ring
Harry Winston

Pisces (february 19 – March 20): Vintage-inspired

You’re artistic, intuitive and wise beyond your years. Why not, then, choose an engagement ring better suited to the age you project? A vintage-inspired piece is romantic, dreamy and glamorous.

halo engagement ring

Aries (march 21 – April 19): Diamond Halo

As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re bold, adventurous and confident. You tend to want to be seen, and a showstopping diamond halo demands to be noticed. It’s sparkly, showy and a little in-your-face—just like you.

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round brilliant engagement ring
Blue Nile

Taurus (april 20 – May 20): Round Brilliant

A stable earth sign, Tauruses are patient, practical and reliable. It’s fitting, then, that your engagement ring should be the same. The most popular cut, round brilliant is classically chic and romantic without being too over the top.

two tone engagement ring
Single Stone

Gemini (may 21 – June 20): Two-tone

Get it? Two tones for your two sides? The Gemini woman is energetic, versatile and curious. A multi-toned ring is unexpected and can keep up with your fast-paced, ever-changing life vibe.

tiffany cushion cut engagement ring
Tiffany & Co.

Cancer (june 21 – July 22): Cushion Cut

Ultra-feeling and ultra-passionate, a Cancer lady will relate to a romantic cushion cut, which melds nostalgia with modern glamour and overt femininity.

engagement rings based on zodiac sign ritani

Leo (july 23 – August 22): Asscher Cut

You love to be in the spotlight, which is why a statement-making, attention-grabbing Asscher cut is perfect for you. It oozes creativity and old-world elegance with a hint of modern edge (in the form of a major bling factor).

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suzanne kalan baguette band engagement ring

Virgo (august 23 – September 22): Baguette Band

Unlike your Leo pals, you don’t love anything too flashy and, quite frankly, might consider the pomp and circumstance surrounding engagement rings in general to be a bit overwhelming. That’s why you should opt for a band with interesting details like baguette cut stones (because we know how you love details).

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kwiat emerald cut engagement ring

Libra (september 23 – October 22): Emerald Cut

You, dear Libra, are elegant and romantic, but still easygoing and downright chill. An emerald cut represents much of what you stand for: understated luxury, modern elegance and, above all, wearability.

black diamond engagement ring

Scorpio (october 23 – November 21): Black Diamond

Oh hey, mysterious. Scorpios are typically edgy, powerful and exciting. An unexpected dark stone matches your slightly wild-card (by choice) nature to a T.

marquise engagement ring

Sagittarius (november 22 – December 21): Marquise Cut

The typical Sag is free-thinking and idealistic. You march to the beat of your own drum and aren’t averse to taking a risk or two. Where rings are concerned, aim for something simple and beautiful yet slightly unusual. A stunning marquise cut more than fits the bill.

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cartier oval engagement ring

Capricorn (december 22 – January 19): Oval Cut

Strong and ambitious, the Capricorn gal won’t be quick to admit it, but she’s got a bit of a romantic side. An oval cut ring is the perfect compromise: gorgeous without being twee or overwhelmingly blingy.

Cartier (price available on request)

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