Your Weekly Horoscopes: April 19 to 25, 2020

Taurus season arrives on the 19th—happy birthday to our bulls! This is the sign of fertility, nourishing meals and green pastures. And though the week starts off with some Venusian indulgence and sweetness, on the 21st, the sun squares off with disciplined Saturn, and we’re brought right back to a harsh reality.

The very next day on the 22nd, there’s a fortifying new moon in Taurus: a signal that something is blossoming. The week ends with communication planet Mercury making a harsh connection with Pluto on the 25th as the transformation planet slows down to retrograde for the next few months. Pluto brings destruction, yes, but what follows is a rebirth. Let’s accept what we have and prepare to bloom.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

1 taurus

It’s finally your season, Taurus! And while this year’s birthday will be far from your usual fare, that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in simple pleasures like you always do. Though it might feel like everyone’s looking at you for answers on the 21st, remember that they just want to make you happy. At the new moon on the 22nd, give yourself the gift of nourishing your soul. Get something nice for yourself and let it be your own little secret.

This week’s mantra: Be kind to yourself.

2 gemini

As Taurus season begins on the 19th, you come to recognize the benefits (of course, amid the trials) of living life at a remove. At the new moon on the 22nd, make time to meditate and reflect. Set intentions around how you can hold onto this feeling of solitude in the future. A conflict with a friend heats up on the 25th—maybe you haven't checked in enough and maybe she has been passive aggressive. This will only be resolved when you both admit that you’re wrong.

This week’s mantra: Let it go.

3 cancer

What are you dreaming about, moonchild? On the 21st, as trying to help everyone leads to more burnout than usual, you’re reminded that you can’t show up for your friends if you can’t show up for yourself. Use the new moon on the 22nd as an opportunity to set goals for future friendships that account for your needs in the equation. What do you want your social life to look like when we’re finally let out of our houses again? Be realistic. You can only commit to so much.

This week’s mantra: I’m not the only dreamer.

4 leo

Are you leading with grace? As Taurus season begins on the 19th, you find yourself in the spotlight—even more so than usual. But on the 21st, you hit a wall when you realize that your words go farther when you have input from others. Ahhh yes, what's this strange thing? It's called collaboration, Leo. On the 22nd, take some time to set career goals for yourself and how you want to impact public life (it will return some day!). There’s still so much work to be done.

This week’s manta: Listen.

5 virgo

What do you want to learn? As Taurus season begins on the 19th, you can breathe a sigh of relief as your focus shifts from paying the bills to expanding your mind. If you’re craving a spiritual journey, the new moon on the 22nd is the perfect time to make that leap. Some financial stress may return on the 25th when you’re asked to pay for something “fun” that you don’t even want to do—you do not need to sign up for group Zoom HIIT classes if you're not feeling it. Release the FOMO and save your cash.

This week’s mantra: Go deep or go home.

6 libra

What’s worth your time? What’s worth your effort? Taurus season begins on the 19th, turning your attention to your shared resources. Though we are still at a social distance, the theme of the next month is collaboration. How can you bring people together and let everyone share their voice? The new moon on the 22nd is an opportunity to go through the books and review where you might owe money and to make a plan to pay it off. Feeling regretful can only get you so far on the 25th. You must make a plan for the future.

This week’s mantra: Know what you owe.

7 scorpio

What completes you? Taurus season begins on the 19th, and your relationships become your number-one priority. How are you showing up for those who really matter? On the 21st, problems at your house or with your family—something that you usually ignore or push aside—gets in the way of you completing a really important project. This will feel like a massive setback, but what’s actually vital right now is your relationships. So, at the new moon on the 22nd, tell someone important to you that you love them. It will go a longer way than you think.

This week’s mantra: Love conquers all.

8 sagittarius

It’s time to finally become a master of your routines. Starting a fresh workout regimen or freshening up your work-from-home corner will do you wonders. On the 21st, you may find yourself struggling to figure out the details, but on the new moon on the 22nd, the pieces fall together. Financial worries peak again around the 25th. Before you lose our damn mind, remember that you can dig yourself out of any hole. Give yourself the chance to problem solve.

This week’s mantra: Start small.


Taurus season begins on the 19th and ushers in a month of pleasure for you. Spending time with your kids is different these days and dating is a whole new frontier. But even in these unique circumstances, how can you hold onto as much joy as possible? At the new moon on the 22nd, tap into an overlooked hobby or start up a forgotten craft project. All that pressure you’ve been putting on yourself peaks on the 25th and then slowly fades away.

This week’s mantra: Take it easy.

10 aquarius

On the 21st, the subtle ways in which you self-sabotage become obvious. You've sat back and accepted the situation, but now it's time to make tiny improvements. How can you create more privacy for yourself? How can you find more joy? At the new moon on the 22nd, set intentions about your home and family situation. As you begin to rebuild your life this month ask yourself: Who do you want supporting you? What do you need to get cozy? If something out of your control leaves you feeling anxious on the 25th, call a close friend to talk it out. It will bring relief.

This week’s mantra: Breathe.

11 pisces

Taurus season is all about communication for you, dear Pisces. If on the 21st you’re still feeling tongue tied, release your need for perfection and let the words flow. This week’s new moon on the 22nd is the moment to start a new journaling practice or reconnect—via email or handwritten letter—with an old friend. Don’t let a “failure” trick you into thinking your ideas aren’t worth it on the 25th. When you find the right place, you’ll know to stay.

This week’s mantra: Write it out.

12 aries

What makes you feel secure? As Taurus season begins on the 19th, your focus shifts from your health to your things. If you’ve been doing too much online shopping during quarantine, on the 21st, your wallet will feel the pain from those decisions. Luckily, the new moon on the 22nd is a moment for you to consider what really matters. Cuddle up with your favorite book and your coziest blanket and let yourself be comfortable.

This week’s mantra: If it matters to you, it matters.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...