8 PureWow Editors on the Items They Couldn’t Work from Home Without

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After almost two solid weeks of working from home, most of us have figured out clever new workspaces. For some, that means a desk (or dining room table or kitchen island) that functions almost as well as our setup back at the office. But there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we asked eight PureWow editors to show us where they’re working from, featuring an item (or a few) that they just couldn’t WFH without. From blue light glasses to yoga ball chairs, here’s how we’re taking our at-home “offices” to the next level.

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Lex Goodman

Lex Goodman, Entertainment And News Editor

“Now that my home office (my typical WFH space) has been commandeered by my husband and approximately 75 file boxes, I’ve been using this Mantra Sports exercise ball ($38) as a chair to ease my back pain. Whether you’re nine months pregnant (like I am) or not, this definitely does the trick.” Eight hours of sitting on this “chair” is probably a pretty good core workout, too.

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Roberta Fiorito

Roberta Fiorito, Branded Content Editor

Dealing with a noisy full house at the moment? Fiorito has a solution. “These Cowin headphones ($120) are a lifesaver while I’m working from my parents’ home in Florida. They’re noise canceling and Bluetooth enabled, so I can wirelessly connect to my video conference meetings and stay connected, even if I need to grab a notebook or some water from a different room. They’re also great for drowning out the distracting noise of my dog barking outside...until I’m ready for some fresh air, too.”

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Cristina Gutierrez

Cristina Gutierrez, Senior Editor, Branded Content

“This De’Longhi espresso machine ($220) is like a part of my family, that’s how much I love it. Every morning it greets me with a beautiful gurgling sound as it heats up that I’m pretty sure translates to ‘Good morning, Cristina, it’s going to be a great day.’ Then it delivers a homemade cappuccino or latte right into my favorite mug, which I carry across the room to my desk. Then it’s time to get to work,” says Gutierrez. Oh, and she’s a big fan of her giant mug from Gather by Anthropologie ($48 for set of four).

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Dena Silver

Dena Silver, Fashion Editor

Silver has a few must-haves in her at-home setup. “The MVP of my WFH experience is this makeshift standing desk (handily crafted from a makeup organizer and a random stack of books—shout-out to the Olsens). Also saving me: noise-canceling headphones from Kygo ($34) to tune out my other quarantine buddies while I write, a few drops of Feals CBD ($75) to banish anxiety whenever it pops up, a Lululemon water bottle ($38) filled with sparkling water (a daily luxury I can’t do without) and a delish Sunday Forever candle ($46) to set the mood.”

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Dana Dickey

Dana Dickey, Senior Editor

“I could not WFH in this new world order without my handy-dandy portable tripod by UBeesize ($23). I use it to hold my phone during Zoom meetings,” says Dickey. Her secret? She angles it strategically so that she can still type during meetings—all while hiding a pile of unfolded laundry in the background. BTW, this tripod even impressed Kaley Cuoco so much that she bought one after one of our writers used it while interviewing her.

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Dara Katz

Dara Katz, Executive Editor

Prior to this long-term work-from-home situation, Katz would make a single cup of pour-over coffee. But now that she’s home all day, this Bodum French press ($19) has become a staple in her routine. “I like it because it’s an easy (and elegant) way to make a big batch of coffee in the morning. It’s incredibly easy to use. All you need is a coffee grinder ($16) or pre-ground coffee ($11). Add hot water, wait four minutes, push it down and you’re basically in a Parisian café,” she explains.

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Kara Cuzzone

Kara Cuzzone, Assistant Commerce Editor

“I can’t imagine getting the job done without my Felix Gray blue light glasses ($95) or my Passion Planner ($30). I was used to sitting in front of my computer for most of the day, but now that my meetings are online too, my eyes are begging for a break. Wearing my blue light glasses all day really reduces my headaches, too. And in terms of staying organized, I’d be totally lost without my Passion Planner. It helps me keep my sh*t together, even when I’m totally scatterbrained thinking about the state of the world right now,” says Cuzzone.

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Lauren Gnaizdowski

Lauren Gniazdowski, Vp Of Operations

“I’ve tried to bring elements into my new WFH setup that I have at the office, including a stack of books and cookbooks, my office sweater slung on the chair, and the duo I cannot live without: my Ban.dō notebook ($16) with my weekly to-do list, and my favorite Uni-ball pens ($24 for set of 12) to check off items on said to-do list,” says Gniazdowski. She’s really taking the “stick to your usual routine” guideline to heart.

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Assistant Commerce Editor

From 2019 to 2021 Kara Cuzzone held the role of Assistant Commerce Editor covering sales and deals across beauty, fashion, home and wellness.