Here's Everything PureWow Editors Are Reading While Social Distancing

Social distancing is a great time to catch up on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, for sure, but don’t forget about good old books. We asked nine PureWow editors to share what they’re reading while being cooped up at home. From oldies but goodies to a yet-to-be-published novel and a classic children’s book, here’s how we’re keeping busy.

The 14 Best Short Books to Binge-Read in One Day

normal people1
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normal People By Sally Rooney

“I’m finally getting around to Sally Rooney’s Normal People, so when the series drops on Hulu next month, I’ll be ready to binge! Two social-distancing remedies (reading and watching TV), one lovely bird.” —Ariel Scotti, lifestyle editor

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americanah By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“I’m taking this time to finally finish my February (whoops) book club pick, Americanah. I’ve been rooting for Ifemelu and Obinze since page one, so I’m excited to see how their story ends. Plus, it takes place across multiple countries (Nigeria, America, the U.K.), so it’s a good reminder that a big, beautiful world still exists out there, even if I haven’t left my house in three days.” —Catrina Yohay, assistant managing editor

bitter orange 1
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bitter Orange By Claire Fuller

“For the past few days I’ve been reading Bitter Orange. It flashes back and forth between two points in a woman’s life and alludes to some mysterious criminal thing she did in her past. Right now I’m really enjoying having that bit of escapism to look forward to when I get a break between Google Hangouts meetings.” —Cristina Gutierrez, senior editor of branded content

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tyll By Daniel Kehlmann

“I just started this novel, translated from German and written by Daniel Kehlmann (Candide Award winner, among others), about a jester named Tyll growing up in a small 17th-century German village in the aftermath of the Thirty Years’ War...and I’m already hooked. It has magic and enchantment, and the fascinating and vivid descriptions of Tyll’s life as a performance artist will seriously distract you from all the chaos that’s going on in real life right now. He’s like ‘an X-rated Robin Hood,’ writes The Guardian’s Marcel Theroux. It’s like The Musketeers meets Gabriel García Márquez...what more could you want?!” —Roberta Fiorito, editor, branded content

dear zoo1
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dear Zoo By Rod Campbell

“My son is obsessed with lifting the flaps, and the words are easy to memorize, so I can basically ‘read’ this on autopilot, giving my mind a much-needed break.” —Alexia Dellner, senior SEO editor

nora ephron
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the Most Of Nora Ephron By Nora Ephron

“I have been reading The Most of Nora Ephron—at least a chapter a night—since COVID caused me to social distance at home. It’s an anthology of all her best work, and I have to say, her stream-of-consciousness style of writing coupled with her whip-smart and hilarious take on so many of life’s silliest quirks is exactly what I need right now. Highly recommend!" —Rachel Bowie, director of special projects

talk to someone
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maybe You Should Talk To Someone By Lori Gottlieb

“I’m one of those people who thinks everyone belongs in therapy, so this book is right up my alley. It’s written by a psychotherapist (it’s not as boring as it sounds) who gives you a peek inside her life and the lives of some of her patients. It really opens up your mind to understanding that everyone is human and we all have the same types of feelings, even if they are displayed in different ways. Especially in these weird times, it’s refreshing to read a book that’s so honest and shows off the inner workings of a therapist’s office.” —Rachel Gulmi, associate managing editor, branded content

big summer1
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big Summer By Jennifer Weiner  

“I was lucky enough to snag an advanced reader’s copy of Big Summer. I was torn on which book to start next, but I ultimately chose this one because it felt like a fun, light read—nothing too serious. I’m looking for all the escapism and distraction I can get these days.” —Kara Cuzzone, assistant commerce editor

goon squad
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a Visit From The Goon Squad By Jennifer Egan

“A few notes on my choice: When I’m feeling particularly anxious (ahem, right now), I find it hard to read nonfiction and tough to read new things. Instead, I reread books I loved the first time, like Jennifer Egan’s Pulitzer Prize–winning novel. It’s a whirlwind tour of the 20th-century music scene that mostly follows aging punk rocker Bennie Salazar and his kleptomaniac assistant, Sasha, and I never get tired of reading it.” —Sarah Stiefvater, editor

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