Your April 2020 Horoscopes

March was...quite the month, and as April begins, we’re still in the thick of it. Luckily, a brief moment of levity arrives on the 3rd when love planet Venus enters Gemini, where she will remain until August 7 due to her upcoming retrograde. Venus in Gemini flirts with her intellect. This is perhaps a sign that our digital courtships are about to get a lot more fun!

The full moon in Libra on the 7th brings a collective culmination to personal intentions we set both at the new moon in Aries on March 24, as well as the new moon in Libra back on September 28, 2019. Libra works best in cooperation, and this full moon is here to remind us that now, more than ever, we need to ask for help. As Mercury finally leaves Pisces for bold and blunt Aries on the 11th, we are better equipped to assert all of our opinions. It’s going to be loud.

Taurus season begins on the 19th (happy birthday to our sweet bulls!), and the new moon in Taurus arrives on the 22nd. Taurus represents the bursting fertility of spring. This new moon occurs as the sun meets electric Uranus and as transformative Pluto stations retrograde. Though we must keep in mind all that we have lost, there are infinite ways to move forward. By the 30th, we are ready to share our next steps.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

It might be your season, sweet Aries, but this month starts off with some major social anxiety. On the 7th, you get some much-needed reassurance in the form of a sweet favor or a renewed contract. This month’s missionespecially around and after the new moon in Taurus on the 22nd—is reconciling all that you have and all that’s available with the constant feeling that you aren’t achieving enough. This goes for your romantic relationships as well as money matters.

Love Horoscope: If you’ve been stuck in a loop of casual flings, that all ends this month. The full moon in Libra on the 7th highlights your committed relationships. Libra is romantic, but it’s also balanced, and anything leaving a bad taste in your mouth must go.

Money Horoscope: Work may be especially stressful between the 11th and 15th, and unfortunately, none of that is coming with a raise. But this month’s new moon in Taurus on April 22 is the dawn of a new era for your cash flow. If you have extra time on your hands right now, use it to take a close look at your budgets or reconfigure payment plans. There must be a better way to do it.

1 taurus

If the resources are available, abundance starts flowing to you at the top of the month. Between the 3rd and the 6th, you’re asked to take on a bunch of extra freelance gigs or someone sends you a much-appreciated gift. The full moon on the 7th finds you working hard, focused on the tasks at hand. As your season begins on the 19th, you are tasked with letting go of limiting beliefs so that you can do what’s best for your own mental and physical health.

Love Horoscope: RuPaul famously says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” This month is all about self-love. The new moon in your sign on the 22nd is a prime time to do some soul grooming. Start virtual therapy or embark on an exercise regimen. By the 26th—and definitely by the 30th—you may see yourself in a completely new light.

Money Horoscope: Venus enters your financial sector on the 3rd where it remains in retrograde until August 7th. Consider your options for building a more abundant foundation at this time and take opportunities as they come. The chance to review and refine your strategy comes in May and June, but for now, focus on bringing in all you can get.

2 gemini

For you, Gemini, this month is split into three distinct periods. Frustrations at work or with public expression peak on the 3rd and last through the 11th. Also on the 3rd, though, you get a quick confidence boost as Venus enters your sign. From the 11th through the 27th, you are called to be a vocal member of your community, brainstorming and laughing with friends. After the 27th, give yourself a break by exploring new approaches to rest and meditation. Take notes on all of it as it ebbs and flows.

Love Horoscope: This month’s full moon in Libra on the 7th falls in your house of romance, creativity and fun! Did you meet someone intriguing last fall around the new moon in Libra who might be worth getting in touch with now? Whatever happens is fate. Revisiting creative hobbies brings you a lot of joy at this time as well.

Money Horoscope: Venus enters your financial sector on the 3rd, where it remains in retrograde until August 7. Consider your options for building a more abundant foundation at this time and take opportunities as they come. The chance to review and refine your strategy comes in May and June, but for now, focus on bringing in all you can get.

3 cancer

You start off the month very stressed about shared resources or a collaborative project––are all those office Zoom meetings starting to get to you? At the full moon on the 7th, though, you hit your stride working from home. Didn’t you say last September that you wanted to put more effort into your space? Your mission this month is to walk away from commitments and contracts that are no longer serving you so that you can be better aligned with the greater community. After the new moon on the 22nd, you are really feeling part of something worthwhile.

Love Horoscope: Whether you’re quarantined with your tribe or self-isolation has provided an unplanned opportunity to shack up with your significant other, on the 4th, check in with your partner and hash out what is and isn’t working. Get creative with your stay-at-home dates on the 8th through the 10th when you’re feeling a little stir-crazy and a lot romantic.

Money Horoscope: Abundance comes through joint ventures this month rather than your own personal efforts. On the 7th, you either gain or lose a lot of money that you have the opportunity to recoup or invest on the 21st. It’s best to be as frugal as possible this month unless someone else is paying the check.

4 leo

As the month begins, you are still reeling from a blowout fight on March 31 with your business partner or spouse. Your challenge is to put in the work so you can move ahead without feeling resentment. As Taurus season begins on the 19th, you are called to step into your power as a gracious and captivating leader. Whether that’s comforting colleagues through the storm or sharing more of your art publicly, try new ways of leading by example.

Love Horoscope: If you are in a relationship, things are most likely very tense this month as you work through lots of underlying issues with your partner. If you’re single, the full moon on the 7th has you wanting to get in touch with someone from the archives for a virtual fling.

Money Horoscope: A confusing financial situation comes to a head on the 3rd and won’t be fully resolved until after the 11th. Your daily tasks continue to be overwhelming, but you should feel more confident in your ability to get things done by the end of the month. The new moon in Taurus on the 22nd is very promising for your career, especially if you are up for a review or a new position. It might not be the best time to ask for a raise, so ask your boss to revisit the conversation in three months.

5 virgo

The month is divided into three parts for you, Virgo. As April begins, everyone is looking to you for guidance. Trust yourself to handle a sticky situation on the 4th with grace. From the 11th through the 27th, you feel like your kids––or very childish friends––are draining your resources. After the 27th, you are more focused on expanding your worldview than dealing with day-to-day minutiae. Sign up for an online class (hell, why not do the Yale class?) to gain some perspective. Just don’t neglect your chores.

Love Horoscope: For years, even if you’re in a happy relationship, romance has been a real struggle for you. On the 3rd, though, your partner does something unexpectedly sweet that reignites the spark. On the 4th, a rare and auspicious cosmic event––a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto––further opens your heart and leaves you finally feeling creative again.

Money Horoscope: The full moon in Libra on the 7th falls in your money sector and could result in a raise or at least feeling more secure. Last September, you challenged yourself to get serious about budgeting. Before the 27th, reflect on how your approach has paid off thus far and adjust accordingly.

6 libra

Venus moves into your higher learning and spirituality sector on the 3rd. From now through August, your mission is to commit to something that expands your mind. What do you want to learn? You can’t take a trip, but you can you take a class (Hogwarts, anyone?). The full moon in your sign on the 7th is a moment to take note of how much you’ve grown since last September. By letting go of painful parts of your past, you can bring more of your best self to the table.

Love Horoscope: Though Aries season is all about your relationships, the full moon on the 7th is a moment to choose yourself over anyone else. On the 14th through the 16th, as well as the 24th through the 26th, you are challenged to get out of your own way so you can find happiness with others. Stop sabotaging yourself!

Money Horoscope: Sure, it’s tempting to take advantage of the social-distance sales at all of your favorite stores, but—especially on the 7th—resist the urge to shop online. The new moon on the 22nd is a chance to set intentions for your shared resources. Yes, you have a lot of debts, but who can you lean on for support? By the end of the month, you have a list of innovative ways to improve your cash flow.

7 scorpio

At the top of the month, you can no longer ignore the literal or metaphorical skeletons in your closet, whether that’s confronting your family or finally cleaning out your apartment. The full moon on the 7th falls in your unconscious sector, encouraging you to handle whatever it is in complete privacy (which, c’mon Scorpio, you’re used to). By month’s end, your focus shifts to other people, in particular your one-on-one relationships. Something has to change in your approach to commitment. Are you ready to take a big leap?

Love Horoscope: The new moon in Taurus on the 22nd marks an end to letting your baggage get in the way of your happiness. Sure, it’s a habit at this point to keep wondering why previous relationships went south, but why not let yourself start fresh instead? Pay attention to who you meet on the 26th—they could become a key character in the story of your life.

Money Horoscope: Venus glides into your shared resources sector on the 3rd, where the love planet will remain until August 7. Over the next few months, your partner may run into some financial stress or you may finally have to face outstanding debts. On the 4th, make a plan of action for the months ahead.

8 sagittarius

This month starts in a sweet whirlwind as love planet Venus moves into your committed relationship sector on the 3rd. As early as the 4th, you may find yourself in the throes of an online flirtation with an old acquaintance or developing a business with your childhood friend. The full moon on the 7th has you feeling lovingly supported by friends and community. This month’s mission is to let go of outdated ideas about your worth so that you can show up to work without a chip on your shoulder.

Love Horoscope: While the sun is in Aries through the 19th, you want to spend all your time flirting and writing poems, but unfortunately, you keep getting interrupted by “responsibilities.” Venus’s entrance into Gemini on the 3rd—where she remains until August 7—forces you to reckon with how you shy away from commitment in long-term relationships. This reckoning will be a theme for the next few months. (Sorry.)

Money Horoscope: On the 4th, as Jupiter meets Pluto in your financial sector, you have the opportunity to level up your income. This aspect repeats twice this year. So yeah, this is just the beginning of the story. On the 15th, someone may seek mentorship from you as they face their own money problems.


March ended with your personal finances taking a hit. (Join the club.) Even if your income is still intact, the incident has you questioning whether any of your contributions really matter. Despite this, the full moon on the 7th is a culminating moment for your career as an intention you set last September comes to fruition. Your mission this month is to stop holding yourself back from going after what you want. Follow your will.

Love Horoscope: In the first half of the month, you are much more focused on your career than you are on relationships. At the new moon on the 22nd, you’re ready to set intentions around your romantic or creative life. If you have a special someone, plan something romantic for the 27th. It’s time to show off those cooking skills you’ve developed in isolation and prepare the ultimate feast.

Money Horoscope: You are always wallet-conscious, but since late last month, money has been stressing you out more than usual. Unexpected expenses for the kids come up around the 7th, making you glad you resisted an unnecessary online shopping splurge. On the 21st, you have to spend big on something that supports a larger goal. It’s OK to invest in things that last.

10 aquarius

Venus moves into Gemini on the 3rd and lights up your romance and creativity sector—a particularly special spot for sweet Venus to be. For the next few months, big questions you may be asking yourself are Do I really want kids? or Am I ready to stop casually dating and settle down? or Why don’t I ever let myself have fun? After the new moon on the 22nd, you are consumed by improving relations with your family and taking better care of your home. Accept that most things aren’t in your control. It will help you appreciate the small pleasures.

Love Horoscope: A lot of your energy is going toward romance for the next few months. On the 4th, plan a self-care date with your lover—even if it’s a virtual one! Someone who does a face mask and chills with you over FaceTime is certainly a keeper.

Money Horoscope: A sticky money situation that has been in the periphery since early February shows its ugly head on the 3rd. The clarity you really need from the situation won’t come until the 11th, but the worst is over…for now. The full moon on the 7th has you daydreaming about your post-quarantine vacation or an upcoming work conference. Think through those expenses now.

11 pisces

Venus moves into Gemini on the 3rd, bringing a touch of sweetness to your home sector. Cooking projects and digging through the archives should be your main activities for the month. As long as you continue to prioritize rest and take note of any visions that come to you (especially on the 4th!), you are doing it right. After the new moon on the 22nd, your mission is to let go of the dreams that are no longer serving you so that you can become a vital member of your local community.

Love Horoscope: The first quarter moon in sensitive Cancer on the 1st makes the top of the month very romantic for you, sweet Pisces. Sure, you’re not usually one to make a move, but things are different when you’re doing most of your flirting via text. Slide into those DMs between the 4th and the 6th for the best outcome.

Money Horoscope: Your mind is definitely on finances and security for the first half of the month. Watch out for the 15th and 16th as dates that may bring the biggest money stress. The full moon on the 7th brings your focus to shared resources. How can you have more control over your investments? How can you better plan for lean times with your partner? Start the conversation now.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



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