Can Sex Magick Help You Finish That Novel, Become a Millionaire or Find Love?

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You’re likely familiar with the concept of manifestation, or the act of bringing something into your life through attraction and belief. But did you know there’s a type of manifestation that harnesses the energy created during sex (or masturbation) to reach desired outcomes? It’s called sex magick (sometimes spelled ‘magic’). Below, Coleen Singer, a sex magick practitioner who works with the ethical porn site, explains more.

Meet the Expert

Coleen Singer is a sex magick practitioner and writer for, a premier destination for sex-positive, ethical porn made from a woman's point of view (which has seen a significant increase over the last two years in subscribers accessing the site’s existing sex magick resources).

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What Is Sex Magick?

Broadly, sex magick involves channeling the energy created during sexual arousal to manifest any desired outcome. Per Singer, “The goal in sex magick can be the achievement or attraction of anything wished in the physical world, like a new house, a better relationship or a form of healing. The goal can also be a more subtle achievement, such as spiritual development.” To try it, you focus on a goal through affirmation and/or visualization then raise energy through prolonged sexual arousal to a powerful release. At the moment of orgasm, you release your intent into the universe. Singer adds that sex magick doesn’t have to be an individual practice and can actually be fun for partners with a mutual goal.


Per Sssh, “Magic isn’t a spell that instantly makes your hot co-worker fall in love with you. A wave of the wand won’t instantly fill your bank account with money. Magic uses energy to influence the universe in a desired direction. This is done by raising, directing and releasing that energy, and while many people use tools in this process, with sex magick the only thing you need to bring is your body.”

How Can You Try Sex Magick?

Don’t worry, you don’t need a cauldron and a broom to try a sex magick practice. According to Sssh, it’s actually pretty straightforward to try. Here’s how.

1. Set a Goal

Think about what exactly you want to achieve. Be clear about your intentions and be sure this is something very important to you. “Using sex magick or magic of any type for shallow or selfish goals is a waste of energy and best avoided.” Basically, this isn’t the time to wish for that cardigan you’ve been eyeing to go on sale at Jenni Kayne.

2. Prepare Your Space

Cleanse the space where the ritual will take place. Physically, make sure whatever room you’re going to be doing the deed in is tidy and free of clutter. Less physically, Sssh recommends ringing bells in the corner of the room to drive away negative energy. Both of these can help you feel safe and focused.

3. Meditate

Before beginning, you may want to sit and meditate for a while. If you’re doing this ritual with a partner, sit opposite each other, hold hands and focus on your breathing. Per Sssh, this can help to clear your mind of distracting thoughts and get you and your partner in sync with each other. (You can also try a guided meditation if you’re not used to meditating on your own.)

4. Perform the Ritual

The experts at Sssh say, “There are two main routes for the practice of sex magick: one with emphasis on the affirmation/mantra/word of power, and one with emphasis on visualization.” As you focus on what you’re trying to manifest, allow your physical desire to build. (This may take a bit of work since you are dividing your attention between working towards orgasm and keeping your mind on what you want, so find that balance between experiencing the physical sensations while keeping the goal in mind.) Sex magick practitioners believe that orgasms create energy naturally, and at the moment of release, you also release your desires into the universe. Back to the initial two routes point, this could either mean saying your goal out loud or simply visualizing it at the point of completion.

Here's the bottom line: Will shouting “I want a $50,000 raise!” while using your Bloomgasm clitoral stimulator mean you’ll walk into work tomorrow to a $50,000 raise? Probably not, but like with all things of this nature, there’s no harm in trying it out if you’re interested—or just curious.