Your September 2018 Horoscope

This September is a busy one, even for September. We’ve got eclipse season safely behind us (phew); Mars and Mercury are finally moving direct (we missed you both); and Libra’s season will dawn on the 22nd for the ultimate combo of romance plus fall. Swoon

But most notably, we have the harvest full moon, which just means it’s in close proximity to autumnal equinox, aka the pumpkin-spiciest, apple-cideriest, plaid-scarved and coziest-sweater lunar event of the year. This moon falls in the sign of Aries, bringing clarity around issues of relationships, independence and ambition…so you might end up picking apples alone (and liking it better that way). Here, your September horoscope.

Don’t forget to read for your rising sign, too, because that will tell you which parts of your life are affected by the horoscope!

5 virgo

It’s your season, Virgo, and, no surprise, you’re a little bit extra popular this month, especially on the 5th, 6th and 8th. You’re always so on top of your world, you deserve to milk the last days of summer for all they are worth. Even if Summer Fridays are no more, the sun is still out, and you can find time to brunch/happy hour/wine and dine with whoever comes ’a-texting.

If you’re not already dating, you may finally meet someone interesting (!), especially around the 9th. The new moon that day will bring you some meet-cute luck, and Venus entering Scorpio will ensure you do not fumble your words once the date is under way.

The harvest full moon on the 24th will bring closure to a money issue, and most likely, it will resolve in your favor. Waiting on those freelancing checks (the worst!) or holding your breath for a friend to pay you back? Hopefully you’ll be able to kiss those stresses goodbye with cash in hand before October—with just enough time to figure out how to spend it.

6 libra

Your career is hot right now, Libra, and now that Mars and Mercury are out of retrograde, this is the time to make moves. You’ve been quietly hatching plans all summer, and you’ll get some green lights to initiate phase one on the 5th, 6th and 8th. Use the new moon on the 12th to think about how you can sustain this pace (thrice weekly yoga, herbal tea at night with no blue light before bed, etc.) because without a little self-care tucked into your hustle, you’ll write yourself out of your success story.

You have some majorly romantic nights ahead on the 10th, the 22nd (the debut of Libra season!) and the 23rd. Skip the movie (not enough talking!) and invite someone cute to peruse your local bookstore or share ice cream cones. If the universe insists on giving you adorable, ’Gram-worthy moments with someone dreamy, might as well lean in.

Finally, the harvest full moon on the 24th may wring out an ongoing issue with you and a spouse (if you’re married) or a business partner (if you’re business-married). Full moons bring endings, but it doesn’t necessarily mean an end to the relationship—usually just the problem itself. Face-offs are never comfortable, but they are often necessary to finally clear the air. Even if one of you ends up with a drink in their face…so maybe order the white, not the red, wine.

7 scorpio

Your social life is truly popping, Scorpio, especially on the 4th and 5th. Whether you’re already cuffed up for fall or single, you’re in-demand at every party, book club and salon. But watch out for negative impacts to your career; you’ve got to balance out the play with work, and the two tend to be jealous lovers, especially on the 6th.

On the 9th, along with the new moon, Venus will enter your sign, lending an air of grace and beauty to all you do. Seriously, this is the time to experiment with wardrobe and possibly “cold-brew” hair (or whatever you were already pinning).

You might feel like your partner and your friends aren’t getting along on the 13th, putting you in the middle to placate everyone else. That is a trap, of course, and the best way to avoid it is to set boundaries and keep them.

On the 24th, let the harvest full moon in Aries be your cue to RSVP your regrets to whatever soiree or friend’s show you’ve been invited to and stay home with one of those sheet masks, an herbal tea and your favorite podcast about murder.

8 sagittarius

Nothing wrong with taking life a little seriously from time to time (you bring the party 24/7, and you deserve a break). This month, you’re doing all the errands and all the chores, and you are nailing it. The 5th and the 6th are extra productive, and you will sweep your floors (or at least remember to book a Handy), load the dishwasher upon finishing your meal (instead of waiting until the following meal) and remember that not all plants need to be watered every day (I’m sorry, fiddle leaf fig. RIP.)

Friends and money may not mix well on the 8th, so don’t let that famous Sagittarian generosity carry you away. Drinks on you? No way. Trade rounds instead.

The new moon on the 9th will bring your attention to all matters career- or fame-oriented, and if you’ve been hoping for recognition of some kind, that’s the day to wish it upon a star. You may see a boost in your income or resources as early as the 15th.

Finally, the harvest full moon will bring closure with a paramour or a crush you’ve been seeing. This is a crossroads; you may emerge more committed than before, or you could decide to part ways. Yikes, but don’t let the high stakes intimidate you. If you’re better off alone (or at least not with this person), you’d rather know now, believe me.


You and your spouse (or committed partner) might be feeling a little creative together. Whether that’s collaboration on music or a trivia night, the two of you are kind of an unstoppable team on the 5th, 6th and 8th (aww).

Meanwhile, you may see steps toward that raise you never stopped thinking about ever since your boss casually mentioned you were overdue for one (you casually laughed for four full seconds in agreement) on the 10th. If it seemed like your hustle was invisible to the decision-makers this summer, get ready to be seen, especially on the 22nd and the 23rd (you’re always camera- and promotion-ready, Capricorn).

Finally, the harvest full moon will wrap up any home improvement projects you have open, even if it’s just that you finally dragged yourself to Home Depot and bought those LED light bulbs to replace the ones that burned out six months ago. At least you can console yourself that you solved the issue within the fiscal quarter.

10 aquarius

You’ve been so focused on cultivating long-term career prospects, Aquarius, that you’ve neglected the tasks right in front of your face (a reversal of the old “forest for the trees” adage, if you will). Which is to say: Your shorter-term goals are going to need a little more of your attention, especially on the 5th, 6th and 8th. Keep those to-do lists focused on today.

Meanwhile, your reputation at work will receive some extra sparkle on the 9th from Venus (that’s what she does), and on the 10th, you’ll start to feel physically more energized, courtesy of Mars still waking up from his summer-long slumber. You’ll find it a lot easier to tackle the day when you only need two coffees, not three.

But careful around the 18th, as your newfound energy may cause some friction at home. If you’ve been itching to move, you may feel extra itchy at this time. This could manifest as wanderlust, and when Libra season begins on the 22nd, think seriously about taking a trip. This desire for travel will probably build and culminate with the harvest full moon on the 24th, when getting out of dodge will be of peak appeal. Do it, if you can. Labor Day probably didn’t wipe out all your vacation days...

11 pisces

Because you’ve been feeling yourself, the world has been feeling you, too. (We should all take a lesson, here…) If you’re not dating, you are at least attracting a lot of attention, especially on the 5th through the 9th, which brings the new moon in your house of committed partnership. You have the power to pick and choose, so think about what you really want in a partner.

On the 18th, you may need some serious peace and quiet to recharge. Think about doing one of those sensory deprivation tanks or take a meditation class. The problem is all the chatter around you, so do something quiet.

The harvest full moon on the 24th may bring you cash (cha-ching) or at least something you’ve wanted very much. Whether it’s a gorgeous family heirloom or that perfect little side table you thought was sold out, it’ll mean a lot. And it goes with everything.

12 aries

Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, so to speak, when it comes to home renovation or décor, or even hopes of upgrading to a swankier place. What you envision on the 5th may bump up against the constraints of budgeting and planning on the 6th. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream. Instead, focus on the long game and don’t try to skip past square one. It’s important.

The 9th is the new moon, and when you write down your ten wishes, devote at least one or two to something you might like to change at work or in your daily routines. For instance, if you’ve been dragging your feet in the morning, pledge to go to bed half an hour earlier than usual (c’mon, that’s doable…), and set your phone to night mode when the sun goes down. 

When we hit the official beginning of Libra season on the 22nd, it’ll feel like a hot spotlight on the partnerships in your life. Expect this to build until the harvest full moon on the 24th. If you’re married, this is the time for a State of the Union Relationship. If you’re not, think of this as an evaluation time for all of your major relationships. If they are serving you, they can stay. If not, then you may have to serve them a pink slip.

1 taurus

Your inner pragmatist will be showing when Mercury enters fellow earth sign Virgo on the 5th. But before you lend your problem-solving acumen to others, make sure to take care of your own house first. Literally. You may not feel so secure in your domestic environment on the 6th (maybe the AC is on its last legs but the summertime heat is not…), and you’ll need to get creative (shock your system with an ice bath, perhaps?).

Meanwhile, the best days for a fun, sexy date or to meet someone will be the 8th, 9th, 15th, 21st and 22nd. The 9th is actually the new moon, and if sparks are flying with your crush, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship (and an early start to cuffing season). Also Venus will enter Scorpio that day, taking your sex life from sweet to smoldering. It’s just what happens when the planet of love is in the sign of intense desire. Enjoy it.

On the 24th, we have the harvest full moon in Aries, which may surface some percolating tension with a co-worker. If you can take a personal day, do it, and use that aggressive energy to hang out in a light therapy sauna (or however you choose to de-stress). Or, if you’ve got to face the music, arm yourself with some stay-calm tactics, like counting to five in your head before responding, or practicing a stoic face when you’d rather roll your eyes.

2 gemini

The first week in September, especially the 5th and 6th, you’re confronting the age-old tension between what you want vs. what you have. It’s not just about how much to invest, but what do you even want? (Push present vs. major South American trip vs. down payment vs. all of the above?)

The new moon on the 9th will help you better align your home life with your out-of-home goals. Like, maybe you’d like to hit the gym every morning at 6:00 a.m., but you keep forgetting to grab a humidifier to help you get the restful sleep you need to be up at that ungodly hour.

Finally, your love life will see some sizzle on the 21st through the harvest full moon on the 24th. If you’re dating already, then enjoy the adorable apple-picking dates you’ve probably already scheduled on your joint Google calendar. If not, this is a great time to swipe right with some generosity. You never know whom you could be enjoying cider with come October.

3 cancer

While hanging with friends is a breeze on the 5th, it’s all too easy to fall into no-win arguments with your spouse. Try to bring home some of that happy-go-lucky energy, because, with some effort, it could really catch on.

The new moon on the 9th will help you gain clarity on the situation (her love language is acts of service; you’ve been chatting her ear off with words of affirmation!). And with Venus entering Scorpio that day, romantic feelings will be deeper and desire will be stronger (yeah, I’m talking about sex).

On the 13th, be careful what you say and who you trust. If you speak gossip, you may become gossip. And on the 18th, watch out for unpredictable tempers, including your own. Waking up calm is no guarantee you won’t head to bed a ball of anger, so know that potential is there and look to release it in other ways: go for a drive, do a bunch of laundry, watch your favorite episodes of The Office on repeat. Save yourself.

Finally the harvest full moon on the 24th in Aries will bring you some career closure. Either that raise you were promised will finally kick in, or you’ll finally be able to work with your dream team now (instead of the decidedly less dreamy team you were on…).

4 leo

Your finances are in focus, Leo, especially during the first week of September. The 5th, 6th, 8th and the new moon on the 9th are your best days to be your own CFO, carefully scrutinizing your credits and debits to make sure you stay in the black this month, and beyond that, too. Do you know off the top of your head how many $10/month subscriptions you’ve been paying? Maybe it’s time to fire one of them and keep that money in your pocket.

Starting on the 10th, your relationship with your partner (or business partners, or even a rival) may see some turbulence. It likely won’t be anything new (so, no surprises), just some old arguments or dynamics coming to the surface (and we thought you had permanently broken the habit of leaving wet towels on the floor, tsk tsk). The 18th will be particularly tense for this dynamic, especially if you’re neglecting the homestead for a work assignment. Think carefully in advance about how you want to compromise (and/or beg for forgiveness).

The harvest full moon on the 24th might actually be a great time to take a trip or get serious about planning one, especially if you didn’t fritter away vacation days on Labor Day weekend. Positano is still lovely this time of year...

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