I Tried Seed’s Daily Synbiotic (Probiotics + Prebiotics) for 2 Months and Here’s My Gut Reaction

When it comes to probiotics, this isn’t my first rodeo. As someone who’s dealt with acne for much of my teenage and adult life—sigh—I was exposed to the concept of the microbiome pretty early through extensive research in an attempt to clear my stubborn skin. News flash: Your microbiome is connected to way more than just your immune system or digestive tract. It’s also been linked to skin, heart and even brain health.

Since my epiphany, I’ve experimented with everything from probiotic capsules to powders to a strange phase where I was obsessed with kefir milk. Yep, I’ve tested the whole shelf of ’em. But nothing really stuck. Meaning I had yet to find a brand that stood out from the rest. So when Seed introduced me to its Daily Synbiotic, I thought, Heck, why not? Did I find my probiotic soul mate? Read on for my gut reaction (pun very much intended), plus answers to a few more questions.

First Of All, What Is The Daily Synbiotic?

The Daily Synbiotic is a probiotic plus prebiotic—a proprietary formulation of clinically verified, naturally occurring probiotic strains (not found in yogurt, most supplements or fermented foods and beverages—which means your kefir- or kimchi-rich diet alone won’t cut it) and a new class of plant-based, non-fermenting (translation: won’t make you gassy or bloated) prebiotics. But the formulation goes way beyond digestive health. Think cardiovascular, dermatological, immune system, metabolic and reproductive health. It’s also the first synbiotic with strains that increase the production of folate (the natural form of folic acid) within the body. Cool, huh?

Wait, Why Do I Need A Prebiotic?

In case you’re not super familiar with the term, prebiotics are, at the simplest level, “food for your good bacteria.” But scientists have also realized that bacteria can actually biotransform certain prebiotic compounds into secondary metabolites, like short-chain fatty acids, that are critical to your health. The prebiotics in Seed’s Daily Synbiotic are powerful polyphenols purified and isolated from Indian pomegranate and Scandinavian chaga and pine bark. In short: When it comes to prebiotics, it’s not just about what bacteria “eat” but also what bacteria use. They’re an important piece of the puzzle.

Ok. Got It. So How Did You Feel Taking Them?

Along with the gorgeous (and sustainable!) packaging made from mushrooms and cornstarch, the Daily Synbiotic comes with a handy protocol that guides you through how to begin your regimen. It tells you to start with just one capsule a day for three days and then increase to two. Since I’d taken many probiotics before, I prepared myself for the typical side effects of acclimating to a new probiotic—light stomach cramping and some constipation at the beginning. However, I’m happy to report that I did not feel a single symptom while starting the Daily Synbiotic. Instead, I noticed an improvement in my digestive system. Let’s just say—cough, cough—“smooth days since.” (Snaps for Seed.)

Over the next two months, I found that Seed checks a lot of boxes for me. 1) I can take it on an empty stomach. I’m not much of a breakfast person, so that’s a plus for me. 2) It comes with a handy glass travel vial, so I never have to use a plastic baggie or miss a day when I’m away from home. 3) It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. 4) The company’s mission for sustainability continues with monthly refills delivered in a compostable pouch wrapped in dissolvable corn foam. 5) It has my digestive system feeling great. Bonus: Although the Daily Synbiotic is not a drug, nor can it make drug claims, my skin looked clearer, smoother and healthier within a few weeks.

Will You Continue?

In short—yes. A subscription to the Daily Synbiotic is a bit more expensive than some previous probiotics I’ve tried (it comes in at $49.99/month), but its whole-body benefits and commitment to sustainability outweigh the extra cost for me. I also happened to interview the founder, Ara Katz, for our 2018 PureWow 100 list, and she’s a CEO that I can confidently get behind. So if you’re looking for a true probiotic, made with science, look to Seed first. I can’t pretend to understand all the science, but I trust how good I feel. Every body is different, but all I can say is that mine has taken a liking to Seed.

Get yours now—if you don’t like it, it’s on them. Bonus: Use code PUREWOW for 20% off at checkout.

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